EZid specializes in a variety of unique ID products for identification in livestock, fish and wildlife. We understand the specialized nature of identification and offer a variety of products. EZid (pronounced “Easy ID” ) is the livestock, fish and wildlife division of Avid ID Systems. Avid has been in the electronic identification business since the late 1980’s producing quality U.S. made products that customers have come to depend upon. We provide standard ISO code as well as the popular Avid coded microchips. Identification devices offered include microchip transponder implants (microchips), official RFID tags, combo tags, rumen bolus, RFID readers and scanners, and non-electronic custom farm tags with unique daisy male stud option for tag loss issues.

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Whether you are a full time rancher, farmer, “hobby farmer” or working with wildlife and fishery projects, identifying your animals can be a challenge. 

At EZid, animal identification (ID) is our focus. We understand the specialized nature of animal ID and have brought together a selection of dependable, proven products designed to provide choices. As the livestock, fish and wildlife division of Avid ID System, we will do everything possible to provide competitive pricing and customer service before and after the purchase of any of our livestock ear tags and other products. 

EZid offers choices of electronic ID (EID) (RFID) devices that can be read by a reader or scanner. The number is visible on the LCD screen and depending on reader model, can be transferred real time to automated weight scale, sort gate, dairy equipment or computer to integrate with management software, spread sheet, or save into memory to be downloaded at a later date. 

The Avid EID microchip transponder implant (microchip) and pit tags are available in common microchip codes. The microchip is fast, safe, simple and error-free. It is permanent, tamperproof and can be quickly read by a hand held reader or scanner. The microchip is a favorite form of ID for tracking your horses, alpacas, llamas, deer, buffalo, and goats as well as other species.

Need a longer read distance than the microchip but want permanent tamperproof identification? With no batteries or moving parts to wear out, the rumen bolus is a good choice for cattle, dairy cows and sheep. It is swallowed and stays in the rumen for the life of the animal. The bolus’ unique number is read by a robust reader (scanner) such as the Avid Power Tracker VII.

Need official RFID ear tags or RFID tags to work with your dairy equipment or management software? The EZid HDX tag has a unique lightweight design that offers benefits over standard button tags. This quality tag’s excellent retention and read distance makes it an ideal choice for official ID for cow/calf operations, dairy cows, buffalo, deer and other animals when a dependable official tag is required.

Standard farm tag retention problems? Check out the custom farm and cattle tags with flexible daisy button for better retention. This tag has been a favorite with deer, bison and cattle owners who have problems with tag retention. No set up fees.