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  • Heavy Duty Readers

  • AVID - Mini Tracker

    AVID - Mini Tracker

    AVID MiniTracker is a small, compact pocket sized hand held reader available in different models. It is designed for convenience and performance, providing the user with the ideal solution when portability and cost are important considerations. It operates on a standard 9 volt battery.

  • Avid - Idiology Lightning Rod

    Avid - Idiology Lightning Rod

    Idiology Lightning Rod heavy duty wand reader is blue tooth wireless with memory. It is a heavy duty, water resistant reader that reads all ISO compliant tags (fdx and hdx 134.2 kHz). It offers excellent read distance, long lasting battery, memory and wireless capabilities. This model offers two options: standard memory, or reverse memory whereby user loads list from computer or worksheet and goes to pen to find specific...

  • Avid - Self Tuning Dual Mode Industrial Stationary Reader

    Avid - Self Tuning Dual Mode Industrial Stationary Reader

    ISO Self-tuning Dual Mode reader is available with flat panel antenna and can be mounted in alleyway so animal’s RFID device can be read as the animal passes. The number can be transmitted to computer, weight scale, or sort gate. Reader reads ISO compliant fdx and hdx devices, including EID ear tags, rumen bolus and microchips. Self Tuning Dual Mode Reader with panel antenna pictured right.

  • Other Products

  • EID Rumen Bolus

    EID Rumen Bolus

    The EZid rumen bolus has been developed to permanently identify ruminants with an ID bolus that lodges in the reticulum. The EZid bolus features ISO 134.2 kHz HDX (half duplex) electronics sealed within biocompatible ceramic. It is engineered to provide a sophisticated, tamper proof, yet economical method of employing radio frequency for permanent, positive and safe identification. The EZid bolus exemplifies...

  • EZid - Microchips Pit Tags

    EZid - Microchips Pit Tags

    EZid USDA and standard microchips and PIT Tags feature AVID electronics. Through the use of patented technology*, AVID has pioneered the use of miniaturized implantable transponders. Today, more than 15 million AVID microchip transponders have been successfully administered worldwide. AVID electronics feature custom integrated circuit, coil and capacitor hermetically sealed in a glass capsule with biocompatible Parylene C coating. The transponder has...

  • Electronic Identification Cattle Tags

    Electronic Identification Cattle Tags

    Official cattle tags or standard EID (electronic identification)  tags also known as RFID? Choose the EZid HDX Tag, the smarter tamper evident tag for Cattle.