Fachaux Grading

Fachaux Grading

Fachaux Grading for already more than 50 years, we have manufactured and sold machines for the fruit-growing industry. Located in the middle of a prestigious producing apple area, the Fachaux company quickly forged the reputation of a serious company to the listening of the needs for its customers. Always offering products innovating and of quality, the company developed quickly and diversified in the sorting of fruits and vegetables from cherry to the eggplant while passing by the stone-fruits, melons. Extract from Berry Républicain for the presentation of nominees : The company managed to adapt to to the demand for fruits and vegetables. Now it designs and assemble grading machines and separators. It exports all over the world. Its last new machine, the separator of cherries in water, is highly demanded.

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15, Av. de la république , St Martin d`Auxigny , 18110 France
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Globally (various continents)

We now sell our machine all over the world. You can see Fachaux machine running in France but also in US, Canada, Chile, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, ... The largest world cherry producer trusted our advanced technology.

Product range

Fachaux Grading propose a complete range of machines and equipments to producers: 

Spare parts

Fachaux ensure to quickly response to any customers if required. We also provide all needed supplies and spare parts.

R&D - Innovation

In a concern of proposing the best equipment to our customers, the Fachaux company is a leader as regards research and development in its domain. That represents a significant part of our investments. We are also in close cooperation with the Bourges high level engineering school ENSI Bourges.

Mechanics is central in our expertise as the difficulty lies in the handling of delicate products of varied forms. For that we use the most powerful tools, i.e. the computer aided design technologies which enables us to develop new innovating products quickly and of quality. We carry out many bench to test our ideas.

The place of the computer is now central in our machines to assist the producer in his production control and the tracability. And it is also a data processing of high performance which makes it possible to individualize the characteristics of the fruit such as the size, the weight, the color, the defects,… for an optimal valorization of the products.

As a result Fachaux Grading received awards for innovation:

  • 2008: Trophy of innovation (Leaders Night - Aces Trophy)
  • 2006: Innovation award at SIVAL 2006
  • 2001: Innovation award at SITEVI 2001