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  • Rotary Plough

  • Bobland - Rotary Plough

    Bobland - Rotary Plough

    Bobland has been developed for deep cultivation of soil intended for vegetables, both in greenhouses and larger outdoor areas. The unique rotating tines of the Bobland allow frequent, deep working of the soil without damaging the soil structure. 2) Bobland is ideal for deep cultivation of light to medium soils, even in very wet conditions. The mixing action of the rotating tines ensures that any manure or fertiliser applied is evenly incorporated...

  • FreeLand - Rotary Plough

    FreeLand - Rotary Plough

    Freeland allows to operate in extremely wet conditions so as axtremely dry, obtaining a very good feed speed and optimal result.

  • Falcland - Model 3000 - Rotary Plough

    Falcland - Model 3000 - Rotary Plough

    The problem of furrows to close is eliminated. The problem of the forming of macrosod is eliminated; the rest of cultivations are mixed in an homogeneous way; the soil is soft. Elimination of a deep compact layer of earth that prevents the penetration of water and roots. Low energy consumption; reduced wear and tear of tyres (zero slipping); towing force is eliminated. Improve of soil's oxygenation and fertility; high working capacity: 33% more than a...

  • Digging Machines

  • PANDA - Model 1000 - Digging Machines

    PANDA - Model 1000 - Digging Machines

    The work of the Mechanical DIGGING MACHINE is the same as old hand digging: penetration, tear, throwing. The DIGGING MACHINE does not cause the formation of a smooth,compacted and impermeable layer as with ploughing. It leaves the ground broken, friable and permeable. Fertility of soil is improved with the DIGGING MACHINE because organic or chemical fertiliser is more fully mixed in the soil; because it encourages the decomposition of harvest...

  • Mini Toro - Digging Machine

    Mini Toro - Digging Machine

    The external flanges (A) are not standard on PANDA- MINI TORO-TOR01500,1700,1800. They can be manufactured on request (excluding PANDA)

  • Power Harrows

  • Fox Vigneron - Power Harrows

    Fox Vigneron - Power Harrows

    Protection of the upper bearing: it eliminates possible damages to the main transmission 2-3. Double block of the gear (3). Protections to the lower bearings. Protections to the blades screws and circular blades carriers that allow the fitting of stone protection guards. Very strong blades with high resistance to the knocks and to the wear and tear (thickness 15 mm.).

  • Fox - Power Harrows

    Fox - Power Harrows

    Tube mm 80x80x6 (inches 3,15x3,15x0,236) for attaching eradicator  tines, to remove the compact soil left by tractor’s wheels. Folding side deflectors to reduce the maximum external width to m 2,99 for m 3, to m 2,49 for m 2,50. Rear clod bar adjustable in height in order to obtain a finer and well leveled sowing bed  (see 3 photo 3). Rear P.T.O. (see 4 photo 3). Hydraulic up and over linkage for sowing machine (on request) (see 5...

  • Rotary Tillers

  • Hydraulic Forklifts