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FamilyFarms Group

FamilyFarms Group was established in 2006 as an interdependent network of North American row crop producers, professional agricultural consultants, and an association of resources and experts. We are not just one producer; we are an organized group of family farms working together to become better, collectively and individually. We provide agricultural consulting services to improve the accounting, environmental, worker safety, technology, and business management practices of our agricultural producers network members.

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31832 Delhi Road , Brighton , IL 62012 USA

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Consulting firm
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Agriculture - Aquaculture
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Internationally (various countries)
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Our number one goal is keeping families on the farm. We do this by helping our family farms successfully compete in the evolving row crop production industry. We provide agricultural consulting services to improve the accounting, environmental, worker safety, technology, and business management practices of our agricultural producers network members.

FamilyFarms Group drives innovation and helps family farms navigate the complex business problems brought on by the modern farming industry.

“Without FamilyFarms, we would not have been able to sustain [the] acres that we had grown between my dad’s and brother’s passing. Today we farm over 20,000 acres with professionals in key positions and are more profitable than ever.” – Justin Crownover, FamilyFarms Group member.

At FamilyFarms Group, our sole focus is keeping families on the farm. We have a proven strategy to help farm families stay on the farm.

Improve producer’s ability to compete
To compete successfully in today’s rapidly changing Ag industry, family farms must enhance their business skills and processes. Those farm families who rely solely upon their own expertise in farm operations will find themselves struggling. Success in the modern agriculture industry requires comprehensive business and management skills. FamilyFarms Group offers family farms access to exclusive training, implementation assistance, a directory of expert agricultural consultants, and other resources to help family farms survive and thrive for generations to come.

Enhance producer profitability
FamilyFarms Group offers valuable economic benefits and competitive advantages that increase profitability. Economic benefits include enhanced revenue, reduced costs, business growth, grants, and capital access. Competitive advantages include new skills and knowledge, personalized goals, expertise and technology, management controls, and shared best practices.

Share best practices
Family farm producers who share a vision for what the row crop industry is becoming and how they can position themselves to successfully compete into the future will share best practices with others in their peer group through both formal and informal interaction. We also offer the opportunity to benchmark your family farm with other producers across the country, collaborate, and share intellectual property.

Encourage legacy
Too many farm families see younger generations grow up and leave the family farm. For a family farm to support the next generation – and encourage those young people to choose farming as a career – today’s agriculture producer must plan carefully. Not only must you grow and strategically structure your farming operation, but you must also determine where family members fit best. The next step is developing a capable workforce to effectively accomplish the farm’s profit, value, and legacy goals. To be able to pass on the family farm to the next generation, you have to set them up for success today.

A New Vision for the Family Farm
Working together, we believe we can provide a new vision for the family farm – one that sees farming families back at the center of agriculture production in North America. In fact, we’re already seeing it happen. With guidance from our agricultural consultants firm, FamilyFarms Group operations have not only envisioned a different crop industry, but they are successfully implementing change.