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  • Ag Producer Services

  • Management Services

    Management Services

    FamilyFarms Group will help you plan, organize, staff, lead, and control your farming operation. Our Ag producer services are geared toward helping you focus on future opportunities so you don’t become overwhelmed by past problems. We will help you create an action plan for growing your business – defining your critical objectives and assigning essential tasks.

  • Operation Services

    Operation Services

    As an extensive network of like-minded, growth-oriented producers, FamilyFarms Group has access to the most current, state-of-the-art information on agriculture production practices available. One aspect of our Ag producer services is sharing that information with you. At the same time, we give you direct access to other farm operators with whom you can collaborate and share best practices.

  • Crop Sales Services

    Crop Sales Services

    FamilyFarms Group will work with you to develop an effective Sales Plan to meet your revenue objectives. Your Sales Plan will define the steps needed to maximize the value of your crops. We will also help you define and implement strategies for maximizing revenues. For example, that might mean growing specialty or added-value crops, which are grown by some FamilyFarms Group members.

  • Buisness Marketing Services

    Buisness Marketing Services

    No matter what your growth goals are, you’ll find there are significantly more acres available in your immediate area than what you might think. FamilyFarms Group Ag producer services include a session dedicated to writing a Marketing and Business Development Plan to help you set your goals, identify the right approach, and outline the best guidelines for growing your business. We also offer Ag producer services and training to help you grow...

  • Human Resources Services

    Human Resources Services

    FamilyFarms Group Ag producer services include training and on-farm consultation for the people side of your business. We can help you to minimize your personnel-related legal risk and maximize your employees’ output. We can also help you develop a well-defined Human Resources plan. Having the right Human Resources tools in place will allow your farm to grow in an organized way. Moreover, using proper hiring techniques, job descriptions,...

  • Finance Services

    Finance Services

    Are you getting what you need from your financial systems? The keys to effective financial systems are a qualified accounting staff, proper training, and in-depth analysis tools, including benchmarking and budgeting. As your farming operation grows, the financial complexity will increase. It is important to build a foundation of sound financial principles before your operation becomes too big to manage. We have Ag producer services in place to help...

  • Credit Services

    Credit Services

    One of the biggest concerns for farm operations is securing sufficient operating funds through farm financing. Whether your financial needs will be met through a grant, an operating line of credit, or potential investors, FamilyFarms Group may be able to help.