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The Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association is a great place to learn about our association`s history and our leadership. Please feel free to contact the staff at anytime. Also, should the need arise, you may contact our members who provide leadership, using the information provided. As with any mature organization, we remember the many members who built the association from the ground up. Click on the `Previous Association Presidents` link below to see images of past presidents, along with the years they served.

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1000 Executive Parkway Suite 100 , St. Louis , Montana 63141 USA

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Professional association
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Nationally (across the country)

In 1950 a group of manufacturers visiting their distributors in Chicago decided they had some things in common:

  • None were major companies.
  • Each was meeting a specialized need within the burgeoning farm equipment market.

They recognized the need for a common voice that could connect them with one another and represent their interests. That same year, they founded The Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association with 46 member companies.

Today, the Association is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, with its own staff of full-time professionals.

While many things have changed since 1950, the Association remains committed to meeting of its members' ever-changing needs. That commitment to our members has resulted in our continued growth in membership and in the services we offer.

Today over 730 member companies enjoy the wide variety of services the Association offers.

While some of our members have grown into multi-national corporations, the vast majority of our members are multi-generational, family-owned and operated businesses, we continue to provide the value-added service our members, both large and small have learned to expect.

Please take a moment to check out some of the services we offer, listed in the menu on the left, and then tell us what you think.

The Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association shall provide industry leadership to enhance business opportunities and profitability to the Membership by providing a forum for marketing shortline equipment through networking, communications, and technology, and a forum for purchasing materials and services required by the Members. 

Website mission:

This site is designed to provide a convenient location for the users and manufacturers of specialized agricultural equipment to learn more about each others products and needs.

In public areas there are no passwords required and you need not be a member of the Association to make full use of most portions of this site.  You may learn more about the Association, our members and their products by making a selection from the choices above or on the left of your screen.