Farmers Edge Inc.

Farmers Edge Inc.

Provider of independent data management solutions for farms and a global leader in precision agriculture. In 2005, Farmers Edge Inc. believed they could use technology to help growers improve crop production, while reducing waste and improving sustainability. They set out to explore the possibilities of Variable Rate Technology (VRT) alongside growers in Pilot Mound, MB, Canada. Over the next ten years, Wade and Curtis developed their version of VRT into a system that has helped thousands of farmers improve yields and cut wasted inputs across millions of acres. Today, Farmers Edge has over 450 employees who specialize in data science, precision agronomy, GIS, hardware engineering, software development, soil science and sustainability. By remaining an independent and unbiased company, Farmers Edge supports growers around the world by providing industry-leading VRT, field-centric data management and analysis, along with reliable boots-on-the ground support.

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25 Rothwell Road , Winnipeg , Manitoba R3P 2M5 Canada
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Business Type:
Software vendor
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Crop Cultivation
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)


Precision Agriculture is a rapidly growing industry with many companies only specializing in one or two specific areas of the business. Farmers Edge is different. We focus on providing up-to-date hardware, software and agronomic support, and as a result are able to offer fully integrated precision agriculture solutions to growers.

Our integrated approach makes precision agriculture easy and effective for growers. We’ve designed cutting edge hardware that is rugged, automatic, and universal. Our powerful and secure FarmCommand™ platform provides growers easy access to whole-farm data along with powerful tools that support farm management. Our reliable team of experts work directly with growers, providing accurate advice and helping ensure the greatest results.

We’re passionate about our integrated approach to precision agriculture, and we believe that it can help growers on any continent improve their farm.


We consider the needs of growers around the world for every decision we make. As the global population rapidly increases, so does the demand for food. This affects our growers who need to make their farms more efficient than ever to meet demand, and our planet as we must continue to ask more of its resources.

With our incredible team and technology, we’re continuing to exceed in meeting growers’ expectations and global sustainability standards. As soon as we finish perfecting one tool, we’re on to enhancing the next. It’s an exciting time in our industry with new potential for more profitable, sustainable agriculture worldwide. We’re proud to lead the way, offering our fully integrated Smart Solutions to growers in Canada, the United States, Brazil, Russia and Australia.

Whatever you grow and wherever you grow it, we’re here to help you grow more efficiently, sustainably and successfully.

Our approach to agricultural sustainability

At Farmers Edge, sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do. By creating new precision agriculture tools, we not only make sustainable and profitable agricultural practices achievable for growers, but easy and straightforward for them to use and implement.

Behind every one of our products and services is deep consideration for the environment, our larger society and the economy. Simply put, we believe that part of our role as a socially and environmentally conscious company is to preserve the health of the earth so the growers of today and tomorrow can continue to produce safe, nutritious and affordable food.

Working with growers, we strive to develop agricultural practices that:

  • satisfy human food and fiber needs;
  • enhance the natural resource base upon which the agricultural economy depends;
  • make efficient use of non-renewable and on-farm resources; and
  • sustain the economic viability of farm operations.

What it means for growers

How you produce crops on your land today shouldn’t affect the opportunity for future generations to do the same. Your land is your legacy.

With this in mind, we’ve created products and services to help you preserve your legacy. Through our renowned Precision Solutions, you can implement sustainable agricultural practices on your farm while simultaneously improving yield and profitability.

Smart Solutions helps you achieve this by:

  • optimizing your inputs
  • increasing productivity
  • improving risk management
  • providing measurable results
  • enabling market competitiveness
The role of data

Data is the first step towards sustainable agricultural practices. Through farm digitization, you can begin to track equipment data, operational data, and weather data, giving you insight into every aspect of your farm. With this insight, you can begin to make decisions that reduce waste, decrease your impact on the environment, and save you money.

The role of Variable Rate Technology

Variable Rate Technology was created with sustainability and profitability in mind. No longer should you resort to conventional blanket applications that result in the needless application of excess inputs. This process is costly to you and can result in excess nitrogen seeping into either the water system or the atmosphere as nitrous oxide.

Our progressive VRT Solution optimizes your inputs, ensuring your applications are applied only where they have the greatest impact and not where they have a risk of entering the environment. This streamlined process cuts waste, pushes production and promotes a clean, sustainable environment.