FarmWizard is a recognized provider of agricultural software for the effective management of farm resources. We have developed a series of web based farm software solutions that can be easily implemented in minutes with no requirement for new software, hardware, or database creation.

Company details

Belfast City Office, 54 Elmwood Avenue , Belfast , BT9 6AZ Northern Ireland

Locations Served

Business Type:
Software vendor
Industry Type:
Agriculture - Livestock
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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World Class Farm Software is Born

FarmWizard Ltd was founded in February 2004 by Terry Canning, a young and experienced Information Technology Architect with over 10 years development experience leading IT projects for global businesses such as Nortel Networks and British Telecom involving 2 years overseas in China and the US (Silicon Valley).

The idea to develop a new type of integrated agriculture software solution that would present a single internet interface for farmers to meet all of their Agricultural Software & IT requirements, won an Invest Northern Ireland SMART award (a scheme setup to help small businesses develop innovative new products and processes).

Terry is not new to farming either. The FarmWizard concept came from assisting his father and brother, dairy cattle farmers from Co Armagh Northern Ireland, to create some sort of dairy software for their Milk Production business.

As the project has progressed, it’s become apparent that the available Agricultural Software packages, although of limited use, are not meeting the challenging requirements for today’s dairy, cattle or sheep farmers. The innovative idea of a new type of integrated Agri-IT solution that would present a single internet or web-based interface to a farmer to meet all of their Agricultural IT requirements has been called – FarmWizard.

The Team That Made It Happen

The Business Plan for Farmwizard, written by Terry, attracted the attention of an English based Internet Entrepreneur, Keith Richmond, who purchased a 20% holding in the company.

In 2008 Pat Blake, an Irish based entrepreneur and technology investor, purchased a share in the company and eventually completely bought the initial investor, Keith Richmond, in 2011.

Progress We’re Proud Of

Over the years FarmWizard has grown a customer base of over 1200 farmers in UK, USA, Africa and South America. The company is working with leading retailers worldwide, utilising its unique web-based technology for traceability and performance monitoring of its suppliers. In 2011 FarmWizard agreed a rebranding deal with New Zealand based Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC), one of the world’s leading genetics companies with a similar deal concluded in 2012 with Orchid Data Systems, a long established British farm technology provider. The company has continued to grow internationally through its partnerships and is happy to hear from other companies in the world that are interesting in working with them.