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  • Perennials


    Farnham Common Nurseries, and Plant Emporium, stock a wide selection of perennials from old favourites to rare, and unusual varieties. They are good for enhancing colour, texture, and foliage, to borders. Many are good for cutting for use around the house, while others are useful for encouraging butterflies, and bees, into the garden. There are spring, summer, autumn, and even evergreen, winter flowering types to choose from. Their uses are unlimited,...

  • Specimen Stock

    Specimen Stock

    Here at Farnham Common Nurseries, we have a wide variety of specimen stock from Bamboo, to Wisteria. We can advise you on different plants for any situation, to cover an unsightly wall, or to screen a difficult area, or to be used as focal interest or as an impact within the garden. For availability please contact us or even better, come along to the nursery, and view the plants themselves.