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FibreDust LLC is a US-owned private company founded in 2002 to provide growers with organic, renewable, eco-friendly substrate. Our close collaboration with the US horticulture industry, agricultural experts and the everyday consumers inspired introduction of coco peat to potting soils, in hydroponics operations, to vegetable and flower growers and in a multitude of other applications. In the last decade the company has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of coco peat. Multiple locations in India and Sri Lanka insure our ability to deliver products globally in a timely matter. Customers in the Americas are able to place their orders with the ONLY US based coir manufacturer and producer, using time zones that allow for easy communication. We do the same for all of our customers.. world wide!

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30 New Lane , Cromwell , CT 06416 USA

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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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As the global leader in coconut coir production Firedust LLC can provide your company with quality eco-friendly sustainable coir products to your specifications.  With 7 factories located in India and Sri Lanka, we have the ability to  supply even the largest coir users without sacrificing quality. We are hands on coir producers with strict, standardized quality control in  place at every location and all of our coir products are produced by us with no middlemen.  You will have the quality product you need and expect when buying from FibreDust LLC.

Are you located in the Americas?  So are we and because our home office is in the United States, you can communicate with us during normal business hours, not the middle of the night.  We handle  all aspects of logistics including shipping documents, customs clearance,  and get your orders not just to your port of choice, but to your door, hassle free.

Our extensive knowledge of the industry and continuous commitment to the highest quality standards enables us to provide our customers with superior products and assurance of exceptional results

For the past decade FibreDust has been the leading provider of soilless, natural growing medium developed from the pith of a coconut husk. Known as coco peat, this organic, renewable substrate has been steadily gaining prominence among all growers – from amateur gardeners to commercial greenhouses. See what the excitement is all about!