Ficosterra is a marine biotechnology company servicing agriculture and the environment. We combine algae with microorganisms in order to apply the use of natural resources from the sea to the fields of agriculture and the environment. Our name comes from ficos (meaning algae in greek) and terra (earth in latin), and reflects our company’s essence: repurposing algae for its application in agriculture. Biofertilizers with algae for crops and plants enhancement. We transform algae to regenerate soil and optimized crop´s yield. We produce biofertilizers and biological fortifiers which regenerate the soil, stimulate crop yields, improve productivity and increase the plants’ resistence to pathogens and environmental stress.

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Felipe Campos, 3 , Madrid , 28002 Spain
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Crop Cultivation
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Internationally (various countries)

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Ficosterra is a subsidiary of Hispanagar S.A, a global leader for more than 50 years in the treatment of marine resources for their use in the fields of molecular biology and microbiology.


To help farmers improve the profitability of their crop yields through innovative and environmentally sustainable biological solutions.

Technical Basics

We investigate how to best make use of the oldest and most abundant life form: the microbial communities of the earth.
Our BCB (Biological Crop Booster) technology allows us to increase the microbial activity of the soil which transforms the nutrients into an assimilable food source for the roots, resulting in better plant health (resistance to pathogens) and an increase in yield production.
The BCB technology is applicable to all types of soils and crops.
The continued use of chemical fertilizers has produced a significant deterioration in soil life, upsetting its balance and producing a loss in competitivity for the farmer. The BCB technology aims to bring the soil back to its natural microbial state in order to improve the relation between soil and plant.

The BCB technology combines complex microbes with algae extracts in order to achieve very high densities of microorganisms which have been regenerated by the soil and the water. Through a relationship of coexistence, the microorganisms close off the circle of organic material, digesting it and freeing the nutrients, allowing the soils to regain fertility. These metabolic processes generate antibiotic elements which are toxic to pathogens and improve the health of the crops.

With all of this, we have developed a series of biofertilizers and biological fortifiers that stimate crops, improving crop yields and improving plants’ resistance to pathogens and environmental stress.