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  • Lasco  - Screw Splitters

    Lasco - Screw Splitters

    A range of Screw splitters produced by the Lasco company in Austria for splitting large diameter timber into manageable sized pieces, these pieces can then be further processed through firewood machinery or chainsaw & splitter. The breaking down of large diameters allows the timber to be handled and transported easily and safely, it can be stacked directly with the screw where it dries quickly due to the increased open area of timber. The Screws...

  • AFM - Model 45 Series. - Harvester Heads

    AFM - Model 45 Series. - Harvester Heads

    Light and maneuverable harvester heads for  thinnings. Their narrow design makes it easy to move the head between trees without damaging residual stands. They can easily be installed on small and mid-size forest machines or light excavator bases.

  • JAPA - Model 305 Series - Chain Saw Machines

    JAPA - Model 305 Series - Chain Saw Machines

    The range of Japa® 305 firewood processors is designed for those who require easy mobility and effortless operation from their machine. Japa® 305 is easy to use and cutting logs for firewood is both safe and fast.The wood is cutting by using the saw handle and when you pull it down starts the splitting automatically with 5,6 ton power.The cutting is taking care of reliably operated hydraulic chainsaw. For safety...

  • Fuelwood - Model Transaw 350 XL - Semi-automatic Firewood Processor

    Fuelwood - Model Transaw 350 XL - Semi-automatic Firewood Processor

    Transaw 350™ is designed and manufactured by Fuelwood in the UK, its design and features are focused on the demands of UK firewood producers it is uncompromised. Transaw 350 is fitted with a circular saw that has a cutting capacity of 35cm (14 inches), and also has a 15-tonne semi-automatic splitting unit. The machine is operated via a control lever with a trigger to activate the splitting unit, this enables the operator to make a visual...

Products by AFM-Forest Ltd

  • Harvester Heads

  • Model AFM 35 - Harvester Heads

    Model AFM 35 - Harvester Heads

    AFM 35 is a powerful and versatile thinning head, which is suitable for conventional general as well as energy wood processing, multi stemming and loading. Optional multi tree handling cassette and the cutting blade is designed to speed up the cutting and handling of the small diameter energy wood. High feeding power and feeding speed ensure a profitable small wood harvesting. AFM 35 can be equipped with measuring and control system with volume...

  • Model AFM 45 - Harvester Head

    Model AFM 45 - Harvester Head

    AFM 45 is effective harvesting head for thinning and final felling done with small and medium-sized forest machines. An exact delimbing is made with four knives and a non-sliding four motor feeding. Tree handling capacity is optimized for small and middle sized stems. AFM 45 is equipped with powerful hydraulics and the automatic chain tensioning to ensure the efficient felling and cutting in all conditions. Accurate measuring is ensured by a hydraulic...

  • Model AFM 55 - Harvester Head

    Model AFM 55 - Harvester Head

    AFM 55 is a solution for clear felling and later thinning operations, made with middle sized forest machines. AFM 55 has big capacity and perfect holding geometry for the big stems. High flow hydraulic valve together with proportional pressure adjustment exploits perfectly the base machine power. Three roller feeding together with four delimbing knives ensures high quality production. The AFM 55 can be equipped with multi tree handling device which...

  • Model AFM 60 - Harvester Head

    Model AFM 60 - Harvester Head

    AFM 60 has an excellent reputation as a strong, reliable, and versatile harvester head. With its compact design, the AFM 60 is suited perfectly to both hardwood and softwood operations. A short frame with one pair of heavy-duty delimbing knives makes processing even the lowest-quality trees with heavy limbs easy. The AFM 60 is used in all kinds of harvesting methods and operations: cut-to-length, tree-length, and processing. The long delimbing arms of...

  • Combi Heads

  • Model AFM 50 - Combi Heads

    Model AFM 50 - Combi Heads

    AFM 50 Combi is a light combi head for harvesting, processing, sorting and loading smaller trees. Due to its low weight AFM 50 Combi can work on small and medium sized forest machines and excavators. Having a short frame AFM 50 Combi it is suitable for both softwood and hardwood operations. AFM 50 Combi is an efficient solution for decreasing the required space at landings, road-sides or when working in combination with a cable yarder. AFM 50 Combi...

  • Felling Head

  • Model AFM 75 FH - Felling Head

    Model AFM 75 FH - Felling Head

    AFM 75 FH is a compact and cost-effective attachment for various forest operations. AFM 75 FH can be used in tree felling, cross cutting and even for loading. The AFM 75 FH Felling head is commonly used also in forest clearing after storm or for road, pipe line and power lines construction. The excavator equipped with AFM 75 FH can be an efficient and economical alternative to the purpose made feller buncher machines. The AFM 75 FH is equipped with...