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Fratelli Pedrotti Company was founded at the beginning of the 50s. Since the beginning it has been engaged in the production of driers and other agricultural machines, an adventure that has accompanied our history from the post-war years to the latest challenge of globalization. Since the end of the 70s the driers became our only field. The decision of the company was that of specializing totally in this field. With passion and commitment, constantly looking for technologic and organizational improvements, we have grown at the point that now we can export our products all over the world. In the course of time the brand Pedrotti Driers has became synonym of quality, reliability and efficiency: symbol of a manufacturing and industrial tradition that can use its own experience as the key for its future.

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Via Zanardelh, 12/a , Mairano ( BC) , 25030 Italy

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Pedrotti S.r.l. is one of the first European producers of mobile or stationary batch driers. It has exported its goods throughout Europe since 1975 and, thanks to its extraordinary acquired experience and the quality of its products, it has been able to spread its name also throughout Asia, South America and Africa.

Our company is very proud for having achieved the global market. We believe that the secret of such a big success – that have been maturing year after year – has to be found mainly in the quality of our driers and in how we work close with our customers.

Top of range for each component; huge versatility; high durability in the course of time; vast opportunities of personalization; guaranteed efficiency even under the most extreme conditions: the company have always chosen to face the challenge, to pursue the improvement and the progress and never to be satisfied with the achievements thanks to the ultra-decennial experience and the strong will of being the first in our field.