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  • Hailnet Products

  • FruitSecurity - Winterfix

    FruitSecurity - Winterfix

    The Winterfix may only be mounted directly above a net-stop needle or seam; distance to the pillar must be 40 cm min. Max. 5-6 m recommended assembly distance according to net width. When frost-irrigated, max. distance 2 m. Take a ballpoint pen or similar device to push aside the net mesh so far that the inner clip of the Winterfix can snap in place on the wire. The net should be tightly secured; but not too tight to avoid overstretching the...

  • Foil Products

  • Powerflex - Film System

    Powerflex - Film System

    Powerflex can be used in combination with hail protection nets and is suitable for an almost unlimited range of crops and for many purposes (e.g. rain protection, winter frost and sun protection, protecting blossoms from frost, to avoid early harvest or late harvest, for pest management, etc.).

  • WIESEL - Flat-Net System

    WIESEL - Flat-Net System

    The WIESEL System Flat-Net perfectly protects against sun and hail. The WIESEL System Flat-Net makes row distances of up to 11 m and clearance heights to a maximum of up to 5 m possible. Very sturdy construction by means of tested anchoring in the soil. The WIESEL System Flat-Net is wind and rain permeable and solid at wind speeds of up to 100 km/h(62 mph). Shadow formations in various categories, depending on the knit density: ...

  • Jacket Net System

    Jacket Net System

    Hail, bird, insect and sun protection technology by the JACKET net system. Both the mounting and the annual handling is excellent value for money. Each row length up to 1000 m and more is possible. The JACKET net system is even applicable for steep slopes and hilly terrain. Due to a swift hanging up of the net a free access to the grape zone is possible. When rolled up, harvesters and leaf cutting machines can be used without any problems. When rolled...

  • Irrigation Products

  • Drip Irrigation System

    Drip Irrigation System

    Due to pressure-equalizing drip irrigation pipes orchards, vineyards and vegetable crops on slopes can be irrigated.

  • Micro Sprinkler

    Micro Sprinkler

    Micro sprinkler for the use in green houses, for irrigation and production of mist for the targeted moisturation of leaves.

  • Filtering System

    Filtering System

    In order to run your irrigation plant without any troubles, we check your water quality for the appropriate filter.

  • Fertilizer Feed System

    Fertilizer Feed System

    We also offer you the special technology for fertilizer feed so that your plants get the nutrients exactly where they need them.

  • Control System

    Control System

    Our user-friendly and approved control technology provides the necessary ease of use for you. Due to the straightforward design no computer know-how is needed for irrigation handling.