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Powerflex can be used in combination with hail protection nets and is suitable for an almost unlimited range of crops and for many purposes (e.g. rain protection, winter frost and sun protection, protecting blossoms from frost, to avoid early harvest or late harvest, for pest management, etc.).

  • Thermal ventilation at the highest point
  • Elastic stabilisation of elastic cord
  • Films can stay where they are and do not have to be mounted and taken down every year
  • UV-stable method of storage on the ridge Unique, harmonic, economic combination of ventilation, stabilisation and UV-protected storage during winter

Features of the Powerflex - Film System:

Thanks to a new screw-pressing technique, the film is tightly secured on the ridge (no more eyelets required).

Highly elastic in the eaves area thanks to bungy securing

Extremely wind-stable thanks to an efficient combination of bungy, eaves wire and cross wire (stable to the top, elastic towards the bottom)

UV protection film affixed to the ridge

Ridge ventilation through a combination of a carabiner and a special film ridge net connection.

Advantages for the user:

Easy and quick handling when opening foil and fastening due to the new net connection for eaves’ foils.

Allows repeated opening and closing during the season

Offers new perspectives in the use of the film:

General rain protection of produce (throughout the entire season)

Film can be opened and closed according to period-specific need; for example only in cases of high risks caused by fungal infection.

Can be opened to protect blooms from frost.

Can be opened to protect produce from winter frost.

During the “rest period” the film is wrapped in UV-protecting packaging and stored – ready for use – on the ridge.

These multiple benefits make the Powerflex - Film System highly cost-effective.

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