The Furst-McNess Company is an independent agricultural company providing customized vitamin and mineral premix, commodity blends, and feed ingredients to the beef, dairy, poultry and swine industry throughout the United States and Canada. We provide customized solutions and alternatives to our agricultural clients which lead to enhanced livestock performance and profitability. In addition, we offer innovative solutions to suppliers for feed residuals from the food, beverage and biofuel industries. Our commitments of delivering value and building trusting relationships are what clearly defines the Furst-McNess Company. It starts with our team of dedicated, solutions-based, customer-focused sales and marketing professionals that work one-on-one with the producer and production facilities.

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120 E. Clark Street , Freeport , IL 61032 USA

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Internationally (various countries)

Since 1908, Furst-McNess has been synonymous with value and quality products for the rural community. From our humble beginnings with horse-drawn carts delivering consumer and farm supplies, we’re now one of North America’s most trusted suppliers of products for the beef, dairy, poultry, and swine industries. 

With offices located throughout the United States and Canada, you can be assured that our team of professional nutritionists, feeding consultants, and merchandisers are continually searching for ways to bring added value to our customers.

Recent additions to our growing staff and new facilities have increased our capabilities in exporting products around the globe. Add to that our expertise in supply management agreements in the food, beverage and biofuels industries, and you have partnered with a company that is unwavering in its commitment to value and growth. 

The core values on which Frank E. Furst and Frederick W. McNess founded our company are still stronger than ever, and the dedicated employees of Furst-McNess are committed to serving our growing customer base with professionalism, courtesy, and efficiency.

Our commitments of delivering value and building trusting relationships are what clearly defines the Furst-McNess Company. It starts with our team of dedicated, solutions-based, customer-focused sales and marketing professionals that work one-on-one with the producer and production facilities. In turn, each team member has a strong support staff of merchandisers, PhD nutritionists and sales management to aid in the development of personalized programs for our customers. In addition, our staff of commodity and logistics professionals is one of the best in the industry with the knowledge and experience to deliver quality ingredients directly from the supplier to you.

Since 1908, the Furst-McNess Company has been helping farming communities succeed.

The story of the Furst-McNess Company has been called “the best of Americana.” Frank E. Furst and Frederick W. McNess, came of age as entrepreneurs in the small industrial town of Freeport, IL in 1908. Their horse and buggy direct sales company soon became a leading force in the evolving agribusiness industry. Now, the Furst-McNess Company is a multinational family business in its fourth generation, celebrating over 100 years of business success.

The family business has weathered many periods of change and upheaval during the past 100 plus years. Our leadership and dedicated employees have continually strived to serve with integrity and honesty. Through this dedication to excellence, Furst-McNess has survived the trials of history; in 1929, the year the stock market crashed, we expanded our Freeport facility by nearly 60,000 square feet to keep pace with demand. During the 1940’s, Furst-McNess developed a simplified and efficient process of tablet production to manufacture vanilla tablets for the U.S. Army under war contracts, which later evolved into an export business in Asia following the war. Then in 1958, Fred McNess and Harold Marsh modernized mineral products into vitamin and mineral premixes as the company’s manufacturing base expanded from only consumer goods to include livestock feed. Soon farmers were able to buy premixes directly from the company with delivery right to the farm.

As the business developed, so too did the technology required to deliver on the Furst-McNess promise. In the 1980’s, the company unveiled one of the first computerized ration-balancing programs in the industry. Today, technical services and the incredible talents of our team of skilled employees, remain an integral part of Furst-McNess. The commitment to technology was evidenced with the 2003 acquisition of a local telecommunications and IT company, Aero Group, Inc.

Continuing to expand, in 1992, the Canada-based Miracle Feeds commodities and brewers grain company was acquired, and the Furst-McNess Company became a North-American based, multinational company. This acquisition cleared the way for Furst-McNess to become a recognized leader in the food, beverage, and emerging biofuels feed markets. Standing today as a model of efficiency in distribution and logistics, the Furst-McNess Company delivers innovative and value-added products and services to these industries.

The story of the Furst-McNess Company is also a symbol of the sustainability that comes from quality products and the enduring values of relationships built on trust and integrity. Throughout the past century, Furst-McNess held fast to their core beliefs of quality, innovation, and safety. The company is now poised to build its business by following our founding values as the agriculture business continues to evolve.