Gascon International

Gascon International

Disc Harrows and Chisel Cultivators The soul and the heart of our company Gascón International is in Huesca (Spain). Here, in our factories, we develop our activity; we develop new projects and new engineering. In one word: we manufacture the whole range of our production of agricultural machineries, over more than 10.000m2. Our production includes especially the manufacturing of all kind of disk harrows: fast harrows, disc harrows with rear wheels, with central wheels, V-Shape disc harrows and X-Shape disc harrows, hydraulic folding disc harrows, mounted disc harrows, disc harrows for vineyard and for orchards. Besides, we are specialized in the manufacturing of equipment especially designed for the labor in the deep, such as: V-Shape subsoilers, straight line subsoilers in three rows, subsoiling ploughs, cultivators, vibro cultivators, tine harrows, chisels.

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Calle Gibraltar nº 51 , HUESCA , 22006 Spain
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Crop Cultivation
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Globally (various continents)
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Finally, we also manufacture machines like scrapers or hydraulic angel dozer and refiners, which have dual use: agricultural and civil use.  Gascón International is a firm with a great experience. We are one among the most reliable companies of the market, always a step ahead the others companies, because our aim is to adapt our production to the demand of the market.  Thanks to ISO 9001certification, we can satisfy worldwide technical, commercial and social obligations and we can be competitive both in national and international markets.

We personally and meticulously take care of the whole process of production. That’s why we have got welding robots, last generation cut systems, CNC equipments, metal powder cleaning equipments, dust painting system.  Our aim is to adapt our manufacturing to the demand of the market, developing our machines quickly, easily and carefully.

Besides, we hold to underline that our manufacturing is thought to make the job in the field easier, reducing work, saving time, energy and fuel consumption.  Our equipments are famous for their duration, as well as for the lower cost of maintenance, which result is the least employment of spare parts.  Gascón International is a company made of people who are working every day in order to make farmers’ life easier.

It is not just one generation: they are four generations who worked and are working every day in order that farmers have the certainty to get the best crop, as well as the best result of his work.

There exists one reason only which can explain this: Gascón International loves making things good!