GBGI, Inc.

GBGI, Inc. has been developing hubs and spindles for the agricultural industry since 1997. Our hubs and spindles have become a standard for many agricultural companies due to their high reliability and significant cost savings. GBGI’s approach to business is one of building lasting relationships. Our customers always come first. When designing an assembly we look at the entire package from the seals to the hub and spindle. We standardize your component parts and give you a stronger more robust design.

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125 Parker Court , Chardon , Ohio 44024 USA

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One of GBGI’s biggest strengths is its in house engineering and design team. We look at ways to produce your assembly by considering what is best for your application based on whether it is for tillage or seeding. Our engineers will design a proven assembly to exacting standards. We pride ourselves in being forward thinking and keeping ahead of our competitors.

When you work with GBGI Inc. you are working with a partner that truly cares about what they produce.  We like to create quality and innovation through collaborative design.

State-of-the-art design, engineering and automated manufacturing equipment is driven by a strong, productive workforce. GBGI’s team takes pride in the work they do for you, our customer.

GBGI’s main product focus is cost effective solutions that last:

  • Carefully designed, crafted and manufactured USA made hubs
  • Precision made spindles manufactured with USA made steels
  • A three piece seal design that out chart performs all other seal designs by a margin of two-to-one or greater.
  • Expert final assembly that offers our customers the finest quality builds available.

From innovative products to complete customer service, at GBGI we strive to meet all of our customers needs with cost effective results that last.

•  Made in USA
In-house design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly
•  Quality People
World class quality team work
•  Field Tested, Proven Tough
Lab and field testing for quality assurance
•  Your Inventory at a Minimum
Produce and ship or stock and release as you need it
•  Innovative Products
Built to work stronger and last longer
•  Custom Designs
Engineering and new product development capability
•  Customer Care
Meeting customer needs with cost effective results that last

Nobody makes agricultural hubs and spindles like we do!

Custom engineered solutions

Our engineering team will recommend cost effective ways to produce parts to fit your needs.

Precision touch, automated machining

Quality hub and spindle assemblies are produced with advanced CNC machining equipment controlled by highly skilled machinists. GBGI's manufacturing facility offers a full line machining, welding and assembly work flow capable of producing prototype one-off parts, all the way to large scale production runs, on a reliable schedule to fulfill your needs.

Built to work stronger and last longer

Precise dimensions are maintained in the production process to deliver a consistent product of the highest quality. GBGI hubs and spindles perform reliably, need less maintenance and stay in the field longer.