Gene M. Jessee Inc. provides Hulling, Shelling, Sizing, and Cleaning equipment for the world’s expanding Tree Nut industry.

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2434 Dayton Rd , Chico , California 95928 USA

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Nationally (across the country)


Gene M. Jessee, Inc. is a Design/Build Fabrication company dedicated to the development of better:

  • Hulling Equipment
  • Shelling Equipment
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Processing Equipment

Servicing the Tree-Nut and Coffee industries. Our goal is to provide our customers with state of the art equipment. We strive to maintain a friendly, fair and creative work environment, which respects diversity, new ideas, and hard work.

Keys to Success

The keys to success in this business are:

  • The proven innovation of processing equipment.
  • Experienced personnel with integrity.
  • Quality of equipment with proven reliability.

Company Summary

Gene M. Jessee, Inc. provides Hulling, Shelling and Processing equipment primarily to the Tree-Nut industry. Most sales are direct to the customer, with only a few established dealers or sales representatives.

Company History

Gene M. Jessee, Inc. was founded in 1954 in Chico, California. Mr. Jessee had developed a nut cleaner for the almond industry that utilized a column of controlled air. These machines were called Airlegs and helped revolutionize the Almond Hulling industry. Units were sold to huller operators directly and through huller plant manufactures who acted as dealers.

During the 1970’s the manufacturing scope of the Company was expanded to include equipment for walnut cleaning and additional almond hulling equipment, as well as some installation of the equipment.

During the 1980’s the Company focused on expanding their established equipment into additional Tree-Nut industries, establishing product lines for:

  • Cashews
  • Hazelnuts
  • Macadamia Nuts
  • Pecans
  • Pistachios

During the 1990’s Cracking and Shelling equipment was developed. This equipment is so successful that complete processing lines are now being utilized internationally. Product lines have been developed to service the Coffee industry as well.

In the new millennium we have continued to refine and improve our existing equipment and have expanded our product line to include Walnut Hulling equipment and complete Hulling Lines. To better serve our customers and to keep up with the growth of our industry the company was relocated in 2008 to our new 18,000 square foot facility.

Company Location and Facilities

The Company is located at 2434 Dayton Road, Chico California.

Manufacturing facilities encompass approximately 18,000 square feet including fabrication, painting, assembly and office space.


Gene M. Jessee, Inc. designs, produces and markets Hulling, Shelling and Processing equipment for the Tree-Nut, and Coffee industries as well as job shop fabrication of metal parts. Users of these products range from individual growers and processors to large corporate operators.

Specific Equipment includes:

  • Aspirators
  • Crackers
  • Hullers
  • Sizing Decks
  • Pre Cleaners
  • Float Tanks
  • Wash Conveyors
  • Inspection Tables
  • Pasteurization
  • Complete Hulling Lines
  • Complete Shelling Lines

We would appreciate the opportunity to work with you to provide quality equipment for your specific needs.