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  • Walnuts - Model TRAXX - Walnut Huller

    Walnuts - Model TRAXX - Walnut Huller

    Introducing the latest design in Walnut Hulling. Utilizing proven technology and innovative ideas, the TRAXX Huller addresses many of the problems usually associated with nut hulling machines. Ease of installation, operation and maintenance makes the TRAXX Huller the #1 choice for new installation and huller upgrades.

  • Almond - Pre-Huller

    Almond - Pre-Huller

    Almond Pre-Hulling increases plant efficiency by removing loose and free hull from Almonds before they go to storage bins to be hulled. This uses storage bins more efficiently and reduces degradation of the Almond hulls. The Jessee Almond Pre-Huller gently loosens in-shell Almonds from the Almond hulls without breaking hulls into small pieces. When the Pre-Hulled Almonds are introduced into a Jessee Aspirator (optional) a substantial amount of hulls can...