The olives harvested were pressed into extra virgin olive oil which is marketed under the Georgia Olive Farms label. GOF is working with farmers and investors to provide sustainable, locally produced olive oil to east coast consumers. The efforts of Georgia Olive Farms should result in a significantly reduced carbon foot print for olive oil consumed on the east coast. Each year, Georgia Olive Farms will be the first to harvest olives in the United States and can provide the very freshest olive oil to U.S. consumers, especially on the east coast. Georgia Olive Farms stands ready to assist those interested in establishing olive orchards on the east coast. GOF has succeeded in establishing market channels for olive oil produced on the east coast and can purchase olive oil directlly or provide grower contracts

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PO Box 245 , Lakeland , Georgia (US) 31635 USA

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In early 2009, five farmers in Southeast Georgia gathered with the dream of ressurecting olive oil production in Georgia and the Southeast US. In 2011, Georgia Olive Farms Harvested the first commercial crop of olives grown east of the Mississippi from their orchards near Lakeland, Georgia. Georgia Olive Farms continues to encourage and support the development of the olive oil industry in the Southeast by increasing their own orchards and supporting farmers and investors who have the same vision.

Georgia Olive Farms oil is a true Extra Virgin Olive Oil. From field to our own mill in less than 48 hours, our oil is collected from only the first pressing of our fruit. And, as reported by Richard Villadoniga of, many celebrated Southern chefs are snapping up bottles of Georgia Olive Farms’ oil, including James Beard Award-winners Sean Brock of Husk in Charleston, S.C., and Linton Hopkins of Restaurant Eugene in Atlanta.