Global Algae Innovations, Inc.

Global Algae Innovations, Inc.

A leader in low cost algae production technologies. Global Algae Innovations` new technology is positioned to revolutionize the algae industry. We design innovative technology to make algae production more efficient and consistent.

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P.O. Box 19623 , San Diego , California 92159-0623 USA
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Change the world through technology, service, and compassion. 


Harness the unparalleled productivity of algae to provide food and fuel for the world, dramatically improving the environment, economy, and quality of life for all people.

Our team is comprised of technologically sophisticated, passionate, hard working, creative, fun individuals who are deeply committed to finding solutions for the world's most complex problems. We have team members in California and Hawaii.

We pledge to:

Develop innovative technology to improve quality of life for all people;

Create genuine, supportive, & family-oriented work environments;

Support personal growth and fulfilled lives through life-enriching

experiences, learning opportunities, and community service projects;

Build mutually beneficial relationships with our partners;

Serve our local and global communities;

Drive change to better the world.

Global Algae Innovations is developing a broad array of radical advances spanning the entire algae production process to enable economical, sustainable production of protein and biofuel commodities
that will transform the world.

Our innovations significantly lower energy consumption, increase production efficiency, and are a fraction of the cost of conventional algae production technologies.  Our technology provides a strong return on investment for commercial production of algal protein for human consumption and animal feed, as well as high value products such as astaxanthin, pigments, and omega-3 oils.

What We've Achieved

Global Algae Innovations has leveraged radical advances in large-scale algae production along with a systems approach and a detailed techno-economic model to develop breakthroughs throughout the entire process. We are demonstrating these advances in our operation that includes one of world’s largest open pond raceways and the world’s only large-scale open raceway facility utilizing power plant flue gas as the sole carbon dioxide source. We have implemented over 30 innovations at large-scale and have over 70 more on our current development map. These advances achieve orders of magnitude improvements over conventional technology, for example:

  • Raceway Design
    Scalable for 100x reduction in number of raceways ~ lower energy with 10x reduction in volumetric flow ~ 2x higher productivity
  • Harvest & Dewatering
    30x reduction in harvest and dewatering energy ~ 100% harvest efficiency with crystal clear recycled water ~ 4x reduction in flow
  • CO2 supply
    15x cost reduction ~ 70x reduction in energy use ~ 15x increase in capture efficiency ~ proven operation on power plant flue gas
  • Inoculation
    4000x reduction in inoculum volume through contamination control
  • Drying
    10x reduction in energy use


Technology advancements are essential to ensure economic, energy, and food security for all people.  We are committed to finding algal solutions for the world's most complicated environmental, water, energy, and protein problems to reduce poverty, promote peace, and prevent catastrophic damage to our planet.

Economical algal production technology is more important than ever with the world's population growth and the rapidly increasing demand for protein.  Attempting to meet this protein demand is a primary cause of deforestation in rainforests.  Algae produce 40 times more protein per acre than the best terrestrial crop and eliminate eutrophication from run-off.  In addition, algae protein production requires 30 times less water and 8 times less phosphate than protein production from terrestrial crops.  Innovative algae technology will solve the impending world protein crisis, prevent catastrophic environmental damage from trying to meet the growing protein demand solely with terrestrial crops, and provide an economic boon to alleviate poverty in regions and nations around the world.

Wide scale implementation of our technology will be a major component of the solution to the greenhouse gas emission dilemma.  As a consumer of carbon dioxide, algae have the potential to reverse the negative environmental effects of greenhouse gas emissions.  A life-cycle analysis of algae production for animal feeds found that replacing 40% of the world's animal feed with algae meal would be the equivalent to sequestering 65% of the energy sector's emissions and would be enough to keep greenhouse gas levels within the 2°C climate change target.

Our company's co-product approach includes algae oil produced jointly with protein, which provides a renewable source of fuel that will create the opportunity for countries all over the globe to achieve fuel and food security.

We are working to change the world through:

  • Technology
    Our technology will provide job opportunities, alleviate poverty, protect the environment and the planet, and change the world’s geopolitical stance by providing the United States and other countries with the ability to achieve protein and fuel security.
  • Care and Compassion
    We are committed to changing peoples lives through charitable work and life-enriching experiences.  Changing the world through technology is essential to improve peoples lives; however directly loving and caring for people is vital for true joy and fulfillment. Global Algae Innovations hosts seminars and conferences to offer life skills for marriage, parenting, financial management, and leadership training to our team and the local community.  We provide Community Service Leave to full-time team members and financial assistance for team members to sponsor children in developing countries through Compassion International.  We are committed to helping our team and the communities in which we work to reach their fullest potential and find fulfillment in all aspects of their lives.

Global Algae Innovations is a family-owned company guided by Christian values.

Stepping forward international

Global Algae Innovations established a nonprofit organization in 2014 called Stepping Forward International (SFI).  The charity's mission is to provide compassion, inspiration, and support to people and communities around the globe.

Global Algae Innovations seeks to serve our local communities and world missions through SFI.

Initiatives to date have included:

  • Annual Marriage & Parenting Conferences.
  • Providing school supplies and backpacks to K-12 foster youth.
  • Sponsoring children through Compassion International.
  • Partnering to provide kids camps.
    • SFI partnered with the National Tropical Botanical Garden on the island of Kauai to provide a summer camp to children ages 5-14.

SFI is actively planning additional outreach activities in California and Hawaii.