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  • Garden Equipment

  • Model SE - Universal Gripper

    Model SE - Universal Gripper

    The GLORIA universal gripper is a useful aid for many people in their daily lives. The gripper can be used to pick up a variety of objects from the ground, from cupboards, cabinets, tables, working surfaces, etc., without any effort. The universal gripper can also be put to good use in the garden. Rubbish can easily be removed from lawns, front gardens, beds and garden ponds or from pavements.

  • Pressure Sprayers for Best Gardening Performance

  • Model Prima 3 - Pressure Sprayer

    Model Prima 3 - Pressure Sprayer

    The best seller of the GLORIA range - now as a 3-litre version that is particularly compact and light and still has all the features and performance of the big brother. The perfect application areas are small and medium sized gardens.

  • Model Prima 5 - Pressure Sprayer

    Model Prima 5 - Pressure Sprayer

    The prima 5 pressure sprayer from GLORIA with its capacity of 5 litre is especially handy, practical and economical. It is the best-selling sprayer from our huge range of millionfold tested plant care products. The maximum operating pressure of 3-bar always ensures the best spraying results. The model is fitted with a piston pressure gauge as well as an integrated safety valve and is TÜV and GS tested. Application areas of the sprayer are small...

  • Model Prima 8 - Pressure Sprayer

    Model Prima 8 - Pressure Sprayer

    The pressure sprayer prima 8 has a container capacity of 8 litres. It is therefore ideally suited for use in large gardens. Its max. operating pressure is 3 bar. The device is protected by a pressure balance with integrated safety valve. The brass spray lance with its adjustable hollow cone nozzle allows for optimised spraying results.

  • Model Primex 5 - Pressure Sprayer

    Model Primex 5 - Pressure Sprayer

    A well equipped sprayer for the plant care in the garden. The powerful pressure pump generates a maximum operating pressure of 3-bar inside the plastic tank. 5l spraying solution is sprayed out through the brass extension spray lance (50 cm). Included in the package are a brass spray lance and a brass extension spray lance. A piston pressure gauge with integrated safety valve is fitted to ensure your safety. The model is TÜV and GS tested.

  • Model Hobby Exclusiv - Pressure sprayer

    Model Hobby Exclusiv - Pressure sprayer

    A practical garden care sprayer. A maximum operating pressure of 3-bar is used to spray out the 5l of solution. The new filling funnel makes preparation work easier. The pressure gauge ensures that you always have everything under control.  A telescopic spray lance – that can be extended up to a maximum of 1,000 mm – with a swivelling and adjustable nozzle enables small trees to be sprayed. The accompanying carrying strap helps make...

  • AutoPump Set

    AutoPump Set

    The Gloria AutoPump Set allows for continuous spray action without manual pumping. Its integrated electric pump AutoPump automatically generates sufficient operating pressure in the spraying device and continuously regulates spray pressure during operation. effortless work without muscle power, uninterrupted, continuous spray action, permanently optimised spray pattern with continuously regulated operating  pressure. The device set comprises a...