G.R. Gamberini SRL

G.R. Gamberini SRL

G.R. by Gamberini Remo was born in the late 1960s, it has consolidated in its first 40 years in the landscape of agricultural mechanization `Made in Italy` with the application of new technologies for the service of agriculture. The flagships of production are the pneumatic dusters, `the real ones`, the ones that aspirated the sulfur, and we have had the merit of producing since the early 1970s, obtaining significant recognitions both from institutions and users and technicians. Indirectly also by some competitors who have copied part of our production, but failed to achieve the quality and performance standards of our GR100 / GR200 pneumatic impolverer. Starting from the capacity of 25 Kg up to 600 Kg (780 liters), the pneumatic dust grinders of G.R. are without doubt the most complete range on the market, also because of the availability of dedicated headers for different types of treatment.

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Via Pederzana 9, Villanova , Castenaso - Bologna , 40055 Italy
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G.R. GAMBERINI  produces the most complete range of pneumatic dusters on the market, with capacity from 25 kg to 600 kg.

It also builds portable and tractable sprayers, ranging from 500 to 3200 liters, for large extending orchards, low volume turbine nebulizers for the treatment of screw rows and disruption groups, available with electro-hydraulic control bars, computerized distribution control and nozzles with air / liquid mixing.

Finally, it produces components for other manufacturers, which, together with garden and greenhouse applications (wheelchairs with pump motors, and other spraying accessories), complete a wide range of farm equipment, all CE branded.

Our plant and crop protection machines are synonymous with quality, solidity and reliability over time!

The orchard sprayers are another high-speed production machine of G.R. GAMBERINI: constructed according to quality standards that make it appreciate their solidity and reliability over time, thanks to the use of strictly certified materials. In this category, the sprayed atomizers come from the super-easy 500 liters, up to 3200 liters for large orchard extensions, with a special mention to the L40 GOLD EDITION trolley, limited edition product with top-of-the-range specifications, road-type approval at full load.
With regard to the mounted, as well as the low volume and groups, the new REVOLUTION series has in fact revolutionized production patterns, unifying the three lines of machines and pouring on the finished product important technical and research solutions to the full benefit of the 'user.

Since the year 2009, the new ROCK series is also available, featuring the 400-liter high only 99 centimeters (!), Which is particularly suitable for tanning solutions or for those who want an ultra-compact machine.

Low volume studies, begun in the 1970s, led to G.R. GAMBERINI have a series of high quality turbine nebulizers, the result of mature experience and important investments, with the use of quality materials such as stainless steel, brass and, above all, aluminum for the spiral and many of the modular speaker heads. To note in this category low-volume 'scavalling' machines, for the treatment of two or three rows of vineyards at the same time, and the new mounted low volume of the REVOLUTION series, ideal for vineyards also difficult due to the low center of gravity and depth of just 105cm (a record for the category), making it extremely manoeuvrable and versatile

Professional weeding systems are developed with the same constructive care and, thanks to the collaboration with leading manufacturers in research, we are able to offer technologically advanced solutions and options, such as electro-hydraulic control bars, or distribution control through computers, or nozzles with air / liquid mixing, but do not forget the simplest groups with manual bars available in different sizes and versions.

We also manufacture components for other domestic and foreign manufacturers that, together with garden and greenhouse applications, such as wheelchairs with motor pumps and other spraying accessories, complete the wide range of G.R. production. GAMBERINI, all CE branded.

The company's philosophy of 'quality first and foremost', the flexibility of our production and the utmost care of details (the advantage of having a hand-made machine instead of an industrial assembly chain) has led us to be known and appreciated both on the Italian and international markets, exporting to all five continents, and establishing really significant relationships with each of our foreign dealers and importers, representing our first wealth.