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  • Starches

  • PURE-DENT - Plating Starch

    PURE-DENT - Plating Starch

    A starch specifically modified to increase surface area for excellent load carrying capacity in simple dry blend or plating applications. Oily, sticky or difficult to handle ingredients can be successfully turned into manageable powders by dry blending with PURE-DENT® B730 modified food starch.

  • PURE-DENT - Model B700  - Pure Corn Starch

    PURE-DENT - Model B700 - Pure Corn Starch

    An unmodified starch from common dent corn, PURE-DENT B700 offers high viscosity and excellent gel strength at an economical price. This clean-flavored corn starch is ideal for basic thickening properties in cooked puddings, heat-and-eat sauces, salad dressings and pet foods.

  • PURE-DENT - Oxidized Starch

    PURE-DENT - Oxidized Starch

    A starch designed for applications where exceptionally white color or superior adhesion properties are required such as batter and breading applications.

  • PURE-GEL - Stabilized Starch

    PURE-GEL - Stabilized Starch

    Compared to typical cook-up starches, PURE-GEL modified starches hydrate easily and impart high viscosity. In addition, these starches are designed to provide stable viscosity in the presence of extended heat, acid and shear conditions.

  • PURE-COTE - Coating/Film-Forming Starch

    PURE-COTE - Coating/Film-Forming Starch

    PURE-COTE modified food starches are unique, low-viscosity starches that provide excellent film-forming and adhesive properties. They form clear, flexible films that are fast drying and flavor-free. They function as strong binders for seasonings on snacks and cereals and as smooth, glossy coating agents for confections and baked goods.

  • INSTANT PURE-COTE - Modified Food Starch

    INSTANT PURE-COTE - Modified Food Starch

    INSTANT PURE-COTE modified starches are designed specifically for producing clear, flexible films without a cook-up step to hydrate the starch. Finished coatings are water soluble, clear and have good sheen. INSTANT PURE-COTE works well in coatings for cereals, nuts, snacks and confectionery applications. Besides coatings, INSTANT PURE-COTE can be used in a variety of food applications where film-forming characteristics are important.

  • PURE-SET - Thin Boiling Starch

    PURE-SET - Thin Boiling Starch

    PURE-SET food starches are modified to provide low viscosity during cooking. This low hot paste viscosity allows high-solids confectionery products to be easily deposited. PURE-SET products can be cooked with sweeteners and water to a low moisture content without becoming too viscous. A choice of gel strength and texture also allows for use in other food applications such as cheese products which require strength for grating without loss of integrity....

  • INSCOSITY - Modified Food Starch

    INSCOSITY - Modified Food Starch

    INSCOSITY modified food starches hydrate easily in either hot or cold water without heating. They maintain a clean flavor and have ultra-smooth surface appearance with clarity and sheen. Freeze-thaw and steam table stability without syneresis are additional benefits of INSCOSITY modified food starches.

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    GPC’s ethyl alcohol products are sold worldwide for use in personal care applications demanding the highest degree of purity. Your personal care items must meet the highest degree of personal scrutiny, and all of our ethanol articles, without exception, meet mandatory quality standards and USP protocols. The same high-quality spirit produced for the beverage industry is used as the base alcohol for denatured ethanol articles that find their way...