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  • Snowplow

  • Model ATV - Snow Plow

    Model ATV - Snow Plow

    From next autumn, Grattex will produce a snowplow for all-terrain vehicle (ATV) with innumerable possibilities

  • Expandable Snowplow

    Expandable Snowplow

    The expandable snowplow Mainly used for snow removal from large areas such as parking, large private courtyards or entry of private homes or professional.Possibility of extension offers flexibility in working width to generate the kind of tight spaces or large without changing equipment.This type of equipment can be installed with three attachment points.

  • Reversible Snowplow

    Reversible Snowplow

    Mainly used for residential and commercial snow removal. Reversibility has many advantages in time and work efficiency.

  • Expandable-Reversible Snowplow

    Expandable-Reversible Snowplow

    Mainly used for snow removal residential and commercial and industrial. Reversibility and extension offers many advantages in time and work efficiency.On push working position, this material can quickly clear ways to garages, driveways of private homes or commercial and many others.In reverse working position, this snowplow removes snow at the foot of the buildings, leaving a clean, clear and without damage.

  • Fix-Reversible Snow Plow

    Fix-Reversible Snow Plow

    This polyvalent equipment can perform various jobs. It may well be used as a snowplow, the independent mobility of its side panels. The panels folded forward, this material can clear the way and access with ease. The panels folded back, it can clear the snow at the foot of the building. It is equipped with an ultra compact knife trigger (patent pending) unique to Grattex. Lightweight and compact this equipment offers all the advantages for compact...

  • Farm Equipments

  • Bale Grapples

    Bale Grapples

    By revolutionary and unique design, the bales grapples Grattex can carry up to 4 square bales or 3 round bales, 1200 pounds each. The expanded metal provides exceptional grip without damaging the plastic coating. The new technology used eliminates any risk of contamination by oils and lubricants. Opening grapples: min. 20' - max: 100'.

  • Rock Bucket

    Rock Bucket

    Rock bucket is available in several dimensions or customized.

  • Other Equipment

  • Forks Pallet

    Forks Pallet

    Here are receiving in high demand for this product. The pallet forks Grattex fit all types of loaders, farm tractors and industrial machinery. Options: forks extensions 6 'and 8' that adapt easily to your fork.