At Gregoire Besson we specialise in agricultural cultivation equipment, which is manufactured at our five state-of-the-art facilities in France. We produce a wide range of: Ploughs, reversible, mounted and semi-mounted, in furrow and on land, Disc harrows, offset and tandem, Tined cultivators, deep tined subsoilers and shallow tined cultivators, Tillage equipment, Discordon, Combimix and stubble disc harrow. We have over 200 years experience of manufacturing cultivation machinery and produced the first commercial reversible plough in 1901

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Spalding Road, Bourne , Lincs , PE10 0AU United Kingdom

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Gregoire Besson UK, based in Bourne, Lincolnshire, was founded in 1991. It is managed by Robin Immink, who has been with the company for over 14 years. He is assisted by the rest of the Gregoire Besson UK team.

1802: In 1802 Monsieur Grégoire founded his own smithy in the county of Maine et Loire in Montigné sur Moine village, France.

1900: At the beginning of the twentieth century a descendant of Monsieur Grégoire began to specialise in the production of agricultural machines. The Grégoire workshop was converted into a warehouse specialising in Farm equipment. It is here that the first single furrow reversible horse drawn plough was built. At this time the company had about 10 employees and produced approximately 30 ploughs.

1959: In 1959, one of Monsieur Grégoire's descendants, Alphonse Besson, took control of the firm and founded the Grégoire Besson Company. Taking the experience of mechanisation acquired during WWII, the Company developed many new agricultural machines and patented them.

1963: A new Grégoire Besson workshop was built to expand the manufacture of ploughs and other agricultural equipment.

1970: The first patents were introduced and the Grégoire Besson factory was extended.

1989: The Grégoire Besson plant had 90 employees, producing mainly ploughs. In time the range increased to include other cultivation equipment, spurred on by the purchase of the Bergueneuse Fenet Company which produced disc implements.

1991: Gregoire Besson U.K was established, the first daughter company.

1993: Mr Patrick Besson was appointed MD of the company, a position he retains to this day.

1999: World record achieved with Case IH and a Grégoire Besson 17 furrow plough.

2000: Grégoire Besson acquired agricultural equipment and machinery company Wiberg.

2001: Grégoire Besson Company acquired the Askel Company, as well as a new factory specialising in Tined equipment.

2002: New World Record achieved with Massey Ferguson and a Grégoire Besson 17 furrow plough.

2005: At the beginning of 2005 Gregoire Besson purchased the company Naud. Later that year Souchu-Pinet and Dehondt werebought, specialising in Discs and front mounted equipment.

2007: New World Record achieved with CAT Challenger and a Grégoire Besson 14m Discs.

2011:  2011was a busy year for Grégoire Besson UK with the acquisition of Rabe and Agriway; the retirement of Managing Director Bill Immink; and the opening of the company's new headquarters in Bourne, Lincolnshire.