Gribaldi & Salvia S.p.A

Gribaldi & Salvia S.p.A

Gribaldi & Salvia was established in 1942 and began its life repairing old animal-drawn mowing vehicles. The whole prodution of the double-guards and mowers output take place entirely inside our factory . Pressing, thermic treatment and carpentry stages, so as mechanical and painting processings, are carried out by means of hi-tech machinery and systems, constantly subjected to strict maintenance cycles. Continuing its commercial and technological expansion Gribaldi & Salvia presented the `SUPERIOR` mower on the European market, the first mower with double guards and mobile sections, it initially met with scepticism, but came to acqire success on a world-wide level.

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Via Orco, 43 - Fraz. Vesignano , RIVAROLO (TO) , 10086 Italy

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With the evolution in agricultural mechanization the founders of the company also began the production of complete mowers applied laterally to the tractor as well as components for other constructors, with special reference to the 'double guards' sector which still today represents one of the specific product lines of Gribaldi & Salvia. As early as 1948 the company began participating in the first trade fairs with the commercial insight into the importance of being present and visible at these important events.

1957 heralded the start of the company expansion on foreign markets on obtaining an important order for the Yugoslav market, which proved the starting point for the initiation of a joint-venture in the 60's which was the start of twenty-five years of supplying mowers, components, know-how and equipment.

This 'SUPERIOR' model has been continually updated and still today represents a reference point for the 'alternative' mower market. In recent years, a policy aimed at continual investments has allowed Gribaldi & Salvia to expand the surface area of the company to the current 39.000 m2 and to continually update its machine range, allowing it to offer products that are increasingly advanced in terms of technology and quality  such  as  the disks-mowers  and  disk-mower-conditioner mounted rear  and  front of the tractors.