Gures Technology

Gures Technology

Fully automated H type battery cages manufactured at our Güres Tavukçuluk Teknolojisi Plant. Our layer and chick rearing cages which were increased up to 8 tiers and more for the first time in domestic production are on sale in the national and international markets. Installation, servicing and after-sales maintenance of our cages are performed both in our country and all over the world by our professional Technical Department. As a result of the research continuously carried out in order to grow Layers, Broilers and Quails in the most excellent conditions by the R&D Units and Engineers in our plant, our product range is enhancing every day. Since the establishment of the Güres Group, whose foundations were laid in 1963, the scientific knowledge acquired as a result of the experience and build-up of the company management and employees has been systematised by the R&D Department, thus allowing innovative works to be performed in the egg sector.

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İstasyon Mah. İzmir - İstanbul yolu üzeri No:29 , Saruhanlı , MANİSA Turkey

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Agriculture - Poultry
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Globally (various continents)
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Güres Tavukçuluk Teknolojisi, established in 2002, has achieved an international success for the H type Battery Cages and equipment with fully automated watering and feeding, fully automated egg collection, fully automated ventilation systems and fully automated manure collecting systems manufactured under its own patent, thus becoming a brand which forms standards rather than following them.

One of the deputies who founded the Republic of Turkey on October 29, 1923, Ahmet Remzi Güres, who performed any tasks assigned to him at the restructuring stage of our country in an unlimited self-sacrifice, faith and passion, laid the foundations of the Güres Group with the farm which he established at Saruhanlı, Manisa in 1938. This new line of business which Ahmet Remzi Güres stepped into by purchasing 600 hens for his farm at Saruhanlı in 1963 paves the way for his entry into egg sector in which the present Güres Group has undertaken the mission of leadership. The year 1963 symbolises the rise and official incorporation of the Güres Group, which was established to operate in field agriculture, fruit growing, dairy cattle breeding. The Güres Group starts to grow corn, wheat, cotton and grapes within its own organisation in the same year.

In 1985, the Güres Group erected its Feed Mill operating at a capacity of 5000 kg/hour in order to cover the need for animal feed of its integrated plants. Feed production is increased to 20.000 kg/hour as from 1998 in order to respond to the increasing needs and nine 90-ton dosing silos and a total raw material stock of 25.000 tons are included into the integrated plants.

With the Organic Fertiliser Plant investment made in 1989, the Güres Group processes the manure from the layers, making them into powder or pellet form and introduces them to the market in sacks in order to satisfy the needs of the agricultural and greenhousing sectors.

In 1997, the Güres Group erects its breeder and hatching plants and starts chicken production. As a result of the genetic works and large-scale field works fastidiously performed for many years, production of ‘Bovans White’ which is a species of White Leghorn which may produce numerous good quality eggs, has a calm and mild mood, whose gender may be distinguished by their feathers was decided.

In 2002, as a result of 39 years of experience and build-up, the cage manufacturing plant with fully automated watering and feeding, fully automated egg collection, fully automated air-conditioning and fully automated manure collecting systems for the best breeding of layers starts its operations under the tradename Güres Tavukçuluk Teknolojisi Makine Sanayi ve Dış Ticaret Ltd. Şti. at the plant erected at Bornova, İzmir.

In 2008, with the increased demand for cages, Güres Tavukçuluk Teknolojisi moves to its new plant based on more modern manufacturing, which is erected at Saruhanlı, Manisa.


To be one of the leading poultry equipment establishments in the world with being reliable, constanly developing and adding value to products and services by quailty service, technology and price.


Meets the needs of the sector by producing sustainable, high-quality economic systems with being innovative, sensitive to employees and stakeholers, respectful to social environment, being aware of corporate social responsibilty.