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  • GVM - Model E-Serie - Prowlers

    GVM - Model E-Serie - Prowlers

    The E-Series Prowlers are the, newest, toughtest, and most durable self propelled machines offered by GVM. The E-Series carries larger payloads, provides an incredibly smooth ride and offers unbeatable serviceability with maintaining GVM standards such as high road speeds and combo capabilities.

  • GVM - Hydra Spray

    GVM - Hydra Spray

    The GVM Hydra Spray was designed to offer versatility and maneuverability to custom applicators, co-ops and farmers. The Hydra Spray is offered on the F-350, F-550 and 7300 International chassis, providing a narrow machine with a tight turning radius, high road speeds, combo capabilities and four season versatility. The design of the Hydra Spray will help you get into areas the typical applicator cannot navigate into, including pastures,...

  • GVM - TranSpread

    GVM - TranSpread

    GVM is the leading innovator in precision spinner spreading technology. GVM’s TranSpread was the first in the industry to spread fertilizer wider than 60 ft with a never before seen 90 ft flat pattern. GVM’s 90 ft flat pattern is due to our patented, reverse rotating spinner design. Our unique spinner design throws material further than any other spreader and minimizes fines. The TranSpread is available in three different models, to suit...

  • GVM - Double Duty

    GVM - Double Duty

    The GVM Double Duty spreader line offers the widest, most accurate spreading pattern in the industry.  The Double Duty spreads a guaranteed 90 to 100 feet at a less than 15 percent coefficient of variation with granular fertilizer. Its wide spread pattern is due to the patented, reverse rotating spinner and its accuracy is due to the pre-adjusted funnel forcing material to fall directly onto the spinner disc. The Double Duty’s wider spread...