Brantner vehicle manufacturing is Austria`s market leader and Number 1 in Western Europe concerning tipper production. It is all about steel and vehicles. The main fields of the Brantner company group are agricultural tippers, municipal tippers, special-purpose vehicles and the construction of steel-commercial buildings. The 2009 established, innovative surface coating plant allows us to accept additional external orders. About 300 employees are responisible for engineering, manufactoring and offering tailor made solutions. For over 65 years the family owned company stands for quality, experience, diversity and reliability.

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KR-Hans-Brantner Straße 8 , Laa/Thaya , A-2136 Austria

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Nearly no one combines progress and tradition as Brantner does. The roots go back to a long-established forge, situated in Laa/Thaya. The company survived World War I and II and has grown from a small forge to a production site of air-tired horse trailers and further on tractor trailors. Progress and further development have been always part of the company and led it to what it is today.

The current market position (market leader in Austria and number 1 in Western Europe concerning tipper production) is due to Brantner's strong faith in its business concept and the need of progress and further development.

In terms of tradition the company is still owned and run by the family. Now the 8th generation is responsible to perpetuate quality, experience and diversity in tipper production.

Our outstanding quality and individual production according to customer requirements guarantees that every product of Brantner vehicle manufacturer is a unicum which sets new standards throughout Europe.

The most modern manufacturing process including laser cutting centers and robotic welding systems and cold pressing with a total pressure of 4000 t and the final ACC surface technology ensure the highest product quality.

'Stability' in the production caused through continuous innovation. But especially the stability of the product which is manufactured to the highest quality standards also guarantees stability of value. For decades!

To grant a product’s outstanding quality it is crucial to entirely produce it by oneself. Due to this fact, 100% of Brantner’s products are manufactured in Laa/Thaya, Austria and they are proud to set standards in terms of quality concerning agricultural, and municipal tippers.

At the beginning of the production process there are component parts. These parts are produced with up-to-date facilities (picture on the right e.g. computer-aided-manufacturing laser). Afterwards they are molded to finished component parts by a press under a pressure of 4000 t. Well trained employees take care that the parts are assembled in a correct way so that the wishes of the costumers can be achieved.

Finished vehicles are coated at the new and innovative surface coating plant (more about this on following sites) to protect them from corrosion. Afterwards they are varnished in traditional Brantner design. Final assembly and a quality check at the brake test bench are the final production steps.