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  • Agricultural Tippers

  • Tandem Tippers

    Tandem Tippers

    Tandem vehicles can be used onroad as well as offroad.Because of increasing total weights characteristics like road performance or higher possible axle-load become more and more important. Brantner-Tandem tippers are particularly well known because of some features like low height, wide spring distances, wide chassis frame distances or a spring loaded tandem aggregate with control arm compensation and spring support at each axle. As customer you have...

  • Two and Three Axle Tippers

    Two and Three Axle Tippers

    Increasing transportation demands in modern agriculture need efficient solutions. A maximum utilisation of total weight at public roads can be achieved by tipper trains. A calm road performance, an efficient use of loading capacity and high authorized speed are essential. Brantner realises all these criteria by a wide product range from 8 to 24 tons total weight.

  • Dumper


    The low balance point due to the springs mounted below the axle, two tilting cylinders and the solid chassis frame allow my Brantner dumper to tilt over without hasitation even in rough situations. An efficient transport has a special meaning particularly at the silage use. There are clear defined demands: simple handling, huge transport capacity as well as unproblematic loading and unloading. All Brantner dumpers are marked by these...

  • Deep Power Push-Off Trailer

    Deep Power Push-Off Trailer

    The framework trough of the push-off trailer distinguishes the push-off trailer DEEP POWER PUSH from the products of our competitors and offers our customers additional advantages like a higher payload-volume of 4 m³ or a low centroid which allows pushing-off without hesitation also in critical situations. Because of the driving platform an especially smooth and stable pushing process can be granted, since the freight does not have to be...

  • Hook Lift Tippers

    Hook Lift Tippers

    Hook lift tippers were produced by Brantner together with PALFINGER, a well known crane producer. Professional solutions, flexibility and variety can be achieved by the cooperation of the leading producer of hook tool building and the specialist of agricultural vehicle construction. We have custom-made solutions for various branches and applications. Know-how and long term experience are convincing arguments why to decide for the hook lift.

  • Platform Wagon

    Platform Wagon

    Brantner has the possibility to adapt its products due to customer demands because of the great variety of types. Platform wagons can be delivered in various types: two-axle-, tandem- or three-axle vehicles. Low construction height, a platform base made of one piece and folded to all four sides as well as individual arranged platform dimensions are the trade marks of Brantner platform wagons.

  • Stabilator Body Tipper

    Stabilator Body Tipper

    The stabilator body is an innovative sideboard concept presented by Brantner in 2003. The 1.50 m high, permanent sideboards are made of 3 mm steel plates. Because of additional solid stiffening on top and tapered supports to the sideboard hinges this stabilator body is particularly stable. So it is to mention that flexibility of an three-side tipper is combined with the stability of a dumper. The system has also been developed to transport gravel,...

  • Single-Axle Tipper

  • Model E 2520 R - Single-Axle Backwardstipper

    Model E 2520 R - Single-Axle Backwardstipper

    Modell: E 2520 R. Permissible gross weight: 2500 kg. Dead weight: 640 kg. Loading capacity: 1,0 m³. Support weight: 500 kg. Platform size inside: 2050 x 1210/1240 mm. Total lenght: 3250 mm. Total width: 1370 mm. Coupling height: 430 - 680 mm adjustable. Steel sideboards: 400 mm. Track: 1000 mm. Axle cross-section: 55 mm. Platform height: 930 mm. Tyres: 10.0/75 - 15.3 (10). Cylinder Ø: app. 60/75 - 600 mm. Tipping angle (lat./rear): app....

  • Tandem Threesidetipper

  • Model TA 8040 - Tandem Threesidetipper

    Model TA 8040 - Tandem Threesidetipper

    Modell: TA 8040. Permissible gross weight: 8000 kg. Dead weight: 2050 kg. Loading capacity: 8,5 m³. Support weight: 1000 kg. Platform size inside: 4070 x 2080 mm. Total lenght: 5880 mm. Total width: 2260 mm. Coupling height: 720 mm. Steel sideboards: 500 mm. Attachment boards: 500 mm. Track: 1550 mm. Spring distance: 825 mm. Axle cross-section: 65 mm. Platform height: 1080 mm. Tyres: 11.5/80 - 15.3 (10). Axle distance: 990 mm. Cylinder Ø:...