Harbin Dadi Biology Organic Fertilizer Co.,Ltd.

We are specialized in manufacture & export Organic fertilizer Granule Machines,complete organic fertilizer Production line , Animal feed pellet machine and Biomass fuel pellet machine with more than 10 years experiences . The raw materials to make granules can be: 1) Agricultural waste: turfs, straw, dregs of beans, cotton dregs, rice bran,palm oil residue etc. 2) Animal manure: mixture of poultry litter (PL) and animal waste(AW),such as Slaughterhouse Waste,Fish Market,Urine and dung of cow,Pigs,Sheep,deer,Chicken, Ducks, Geese,Goat,earthworm cast etc. 3) Industrial waste:wine lees,vinegar residue,starch pulp, manioc waste, sugar scum, furfural residue,bean cakes,biogas residue, Fruit residue, lignite etc. 4) Residues of urban rubbish or sewage treatment plants. 5) Home scrap: food waste, bones, the roots and leaves of vegetables, etc. 6) Organic materials mix with mineral materials.

Company details

Business Type:
Custom manufacturer
Industry Type:
Manufacturing, Other
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US