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Hartley’s best greenhouses are handmade in England, offering superior quality and expert design derived from 75 years’ experience in the business. They serve not only as the ideal place to propagate plants and grow your garden, but also as a beautiful space in which to relax and unwind. In our custom made greenhouses, anything is possible. Whether you want to grow a wide range of lush, exotic plants, delicious fruits and vegetables or simply nurture potted plants and herbs, a Hartley Victorian English glasshouse provides ample space and light to make all your ambitions come to life.

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600 West Cummings Park, Suite 1050 , Woburn , MA 01801 USA

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Internationally (various countries)

Some consider gardening to be a hobby, a pleasant way to spend spare time. Others see it as a way of life – an essential part of their daily routine, or as a crucial life skill to be passed on from generation to generation. Cost-conscious gardeners see it as a way to save on groceries, by producing fresh fruit and vegetables at home, while others enjoy the beauty it lends to their backyard.

There are countless reasons why people around the world show so much dedication to delicate plants, herbs and exotics, and yet one universal truth ties them all together – gardening is a passion with roots that run deep. The simple pleasure of getting your hands dirty and reconnecting with mother nature can be appreciated by all, and its value should not be underestimated. Gardening is therapeutic, stress-relieving, inexpensive and can be enjoyed all year round, especially if you own a Hartley greenhouse.

With a backyard greenhouse at your disposal, you can extend your growing season throughout the year. A luxury, high quality greenhouse from Hartley Botanic enables you to shield your plants from harsh weather, unfavorable temperatures, and the occasional severe storm in controlled microclimates.

To acknowledge the English Victorians as the world’s greatest pioneers and inventors, is something of an injustice to Vincent Hartley. In 1938 he patented his original aluminium greenhouse design, which excelled over its Victorian wood and wrought iron forerunner in every way.

He started from the seemingly simple premise that the structure should be clean, uncluttered and practical, principals which are clearly evident in every Hartley greenhouse built today. He was the first to employ extremely strong but light aluminium purlins and joists to create spacious, elegant interiors, free of internal bracing, and presenting optimum natural light and glass area.

The glazing is unique to greenhouse construction, with each pane separately enclosed in its own frame to avoid pane overlaps, permanently edge-sealed with a durable strip, and firmly secured with capping using stainless steel screws. Fitted with safety glass, a Hartley greenhouse is designed to withstand servere storms and is virtually maintainence free.

Vincent Hartley’s inventive spirit was irrepressible. Amongst his other “babies” are the headlight cowl used so effectively in the blackouts of the Blitz, the first “everlasting” aluminium plant tags, and probably the first gas safety device – the ingenious “Safeboil” for preventing the dangerous boiling over of milk.