Hayden Manufacturing Company, Inc. has been supplying the agricultural industry since 1892. Our company has been family owned and operated since 1927. Over a period of time we have dramatically increased our products and services. We have a large assortment of original cranberry labels, cranberry collectibles and antique/vintage cranberry scoops & boxes. Browse through our inventory selection or use our search feature for a particular brand. Extensive lines of cranberry harvesting equipment. We SPECIALIZE in Cranberry Harvesting and Maintenance Equipment! Agricultural irrigation supplies and tools including: sprinkler systems, pumps, pipes and fittings.

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Hayden Cranberry Separator Manufacturing Company was established in 1892 by Linthrop Hayden of S. Carver, MA. He was the inventor of the Hayden Cranberry Separator, a machine used to sort good from bad cranberries after harvest to prepare for market.

The invention of the Hayden Separator (patented 1905) revolutionized the cranberry industry. It could cleaned & sorted through 100 barrels / 10,000 pounds of cranberries per day! This saved many of hours of sorting the cranberries by hand thus producing larger profits for the cranberry growers.

In 1927, our grandfather, Emil C. St. Jacques & grandmother, Marie St. Jacques bought Hayden Separator Company and moved it to Main Street in Wareham. Pictured below is our father, Robert H. St. Jacques standing next to a Hayden Elevator (conveyor).

While supplying the Hayden Separator to cranberry growers, Emile St. Jacques invented the Hayden Cellophane Packer & Sealing Machine which was used to weigh and seal cranberry filled bags for the market.

Our family also manufactured the Cranberry DDT Duster:

Cranberry DDT Duster - click to enlarge    click to enlarge ad

Later, they adapted it to dust other crops such as strawberries & corn:

Our grandparents & father also manufactured the much needed Hayden Lift Pump which was used to flood bogs on frost nights (at that time) & for winter protection. These pumps could move from 2,000 gallons per minute to 20,000 gallons per minute-& still can!

In the mid 1950's, Robert bought the pattern for the Darlington Dry Cranberry Harvester from his good friend, Tom Darlington of New Jersey. We have been the sole manufacturer of this machine ever since.

After our grandfather's untimely death in 1956, my father moved the company to it's present location on 50 Carver Road in West Wareham, Mass. Our building had formally been the screen house for the New England Cranberry Sales Company where the Eatmor Cranberries were cleaned, sorted and bagged for market with the equipment that our company had invented & manufactured. Our historic building is over 100 years old.

As Robert 'Bob' St. Jacques continued in his father'sfoot steps, he joined the board of directors for Ocean Spray in the mid 1960's. In 1989, Bob was elected Chairman of the Board of Ocean Spray & held that position until his unfortunate death in 1992.

After the very sad loss of our father, we (David & Raymond St. Jacques) proudly continued the tradition of our family cranberry supply business. Since then, we've expanded our line of products & services. In the late 1990's we remodified the Darlington Dry Harvester to pick today's larger crops. We rent out equipment to growers & sell used equipment for others at a commission.

In 2000, we brought back the Hayden Separator which had been faded out in the mid 1940's. It's construction is exactly the same with the exception of a few safety features.

Hayden Separator - click to enlarge  Hayden Separator - click to enlarge  Hayden Separator - click to enlarge  Hayden Separator - click to enlarge

Since 2005, we at Hayden Manufacturing Company, Inc. have been buying & selling antique cranberry collectibles.

If you would like to step back in time-you are more than welcome to come visit us at our historic building on 50 Carver Road in West Wareham, MA.