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  • Cranberry Harvesting - Hand-held Tools

  • Kyles  - Ditch Reel

    Kyles - Ditch Reel

    This hand-held ditch beater is lightweight, easy to operate, and can get at those hard to reach places that the walk-behind or ride-on water pickers cannot get.

  • Pruning Rake

    Pruning Rake

    Used to prune excess vine, especially runners on cranberry bog.

  • Insect Net

    Insect Net

    New style w/Velcro replacement nets. Old style sewn on.

  • Dotter Rake

    Dotter Rake

    Used to rake up Yellow Dotter (fungus) on cranberry bog.

  • Berry Pusher

    Berry Pusher

    This light weight aluminum Berry Pusher with 8 foot handle, which extends to 16 feet, is used for pushing water harvested berries into the conveyer during harvest.

  • Cranberry Harvesting Equipment - Machines

  • Hayden - Separator

    Hayden - Separator

    Used to separate bad from good cranberries. Averages: 50 barrells per day.

  • Darlington Dry Harvester

    Darlington Dry Harvester

    Invented 1953. Small, agile and easy to operate. Clean picking. self propelled. uses either 1/3 barrel box or bag. Stevens comb bars available.

Products by Hunter Industries

  • Spray Bodies

  • Hunter Industries - Model PS Ultra - Slim-Line Spray Sprinkler

    Hunter Industries - Model PS Ultra - Slim-Line Spray Sprinkler

    This compact slim-line spray sprinkler comes in 2', 4', and 6' models. Its innovative body incorporates a reliable two-piece ratchet, durable cap, male-threaded riser, and large filter screen, providing double filtration on 4' and 6' models. Additionally, the 2' and 4' models are retro-compatible with existing PS Spray bodies, which allow for a quick and easy upgrade. Standard PS Ultra models include a pre-installed Pro Adjustable nozzle. A Flush Plug...

  • Controllers

  • Hunter Industries - Model X-CORE - Entry-Level Residential Controller

    Hunter Industries - Model X-CORE - Entry-Level Residential Controller

    This entry-level residential controller offers simple operation with “smart” Solar Sync compatibility. With easy-to-configure control for up to 8 stations, including 3 programs and 4 start times each, the X-Core is the perfect solution for residential applications. Plug in the revolutionary Solar Sync ET sensor and the X-Core is converted into a “smart controller” that regulates irrigation runtimes based on locally measured...

  • Hunter Industries - Model I-Core - Controller

    Hunter Industries - Model I-Core - Controller

    The I-Core is Hunter’s controller for demanding commercial and high-end residential applications. Loaded with innovative features like state of the art flow monitoring, quick system overview access, a factory-installed SmartPort®, six language capability, and a bold, backlit display, the I-Core should be considered for most high-end irrigation projects. A big reason the I-Core is so unique is its sheer versatility. The plastic cabinet...

  • Sensors

  • Solar Sync - Model ET  - Irrigation Control Sensor

    Solar Sync - Model ET - Irrigation Control Sensor

    The Solar Sync ET sensor is an advanced weather sensor that calculates evapotranspiration (ET) and adjusts Hunter controllers daily based on local weather conditions. Solar Sync measures sunlight and temperature, and uses ET to determine the correct seasonal adjustment percentage value to send to the controller. The controller then uses its programmed run time and adjusts to Solar Sync’s seasonal adjustment value to modify the actual irrigation...

  • Model ET  - Advanced Weather Control System

    Model ET - Advanced Weather Control System

    The Hunter ET System is an easy-to-add accessory for Pro-C and PCC controllers. Using highly advanced technology, the Hunter ET System measures key climatic conditions to calculate local evapotranspiration (ET) factors. ET is a measurement of the water lost from the soil surface by evaporation and the moisture lost from the plants by transpiration. The ET System will calculate irrigation schedules to replenish only the water that is actually...