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HEN technology working for 17 years with cost-effective solutions for the care, Instandsetung and renewal of forest and field roads. Originally active as a trading company, we are now in a position new technologies and working procedures to develop, design and to produce appropriate machine.Our machines are used worldwide and provide reliable mobility even in hard to reach areas where an conventional road building is nearly impossible.

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Obere Seewiesen 48 , Steinheim , D- 71711 Germany

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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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HEN-AG, established in 1999, emerged from an individual enterprise that had been worked in the area of field and forest road maintenance since 1995.Today the HEN-AG has 17 employeed by now.

The 15 employees comprehensive team is always for our customers and prospects in action, whether at international fairs, demonstrations with their own trucks, or for deliveries in developing forward-looking solutions in road construction.

A well-stocked parts warehouse and a faster service with its own vehicles is one of our strengths.The future of our young team is focus on the further development of the existing technology and for new projects to working hard to win-win solutions in road construction for our customers can offer.

At the company headquarters in Steinheim-Höpfigheim the company moved into the building in 2000, in 2011 followed another hall, it is an productionhall were complete system applications, machines and devices are developed and constructed.

The more than 15 years of experience in the house guarantee innovative real-life solutions for diverse applications in our three areas.The first and thus the origin was the area of field and forest road maintenance within extra solutions for road building.From 1998 HEN-AG began with the import of the brand Bonetti, the leading manufacturer of compact four-wheel-driven vehicles in italy, today you find it as HEN-Fahrzeugtechnik. In the new operating rooms vehicle superstructures are constructed like for example container systems, loading systems and loader cranes or attachments on our speziell vehicles mounted.

The newest area, HEN-Werksvertretungen, from the begining of 2012 aktiv, have the nationwide representation for the italian company Valentini, for heavy soil preparation tools and the auslegemähgeräte from Bruni as werksvertretung.For each of these three sektors it has an product specialist, an optimal advice for the customer to ensure.Demonstrations and deliveries we do with our own truck with crane.For all sektors we have the best asorted Parts and accessories sind bestens established.Well trained and for Products spezialised service-team is any time for the consumer to provide with our servicecar we can guarantee an fast on-site service.

Continuous development and the strife for econimoc optimization of working processes are motivations for the entire HEN team, always with the costumer in mind.