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  • Grain

    At Hershey Equipment Company, we understand the challenge that farmers face with producing crops in changing market conditions. Likewise, feed mill manufacturers need options to meet the manufacturing requirements of their products. That's why we offer a variety of solutions designed for your specific needs including grain storage, drying and conditioning, material handling and much more.

  • Grain Storage Bin

    Grain Storage Bin

    We work with GSI, a top-rated manufacturer in the grain industry, to provide top-quality grain storage systems for farms and industrial operations including: Grain bins, bulk feed tanks, grain bin floors, and more.

  • Grain Drying & Conditioning Equipment

    Grain Drying & Conditioning Equipment

    Maintain the quality of your grain with efficient grain drying and conditioning equipment from Hershey Equipment. From fans and heaters to portable units and modular tower dryers, we can recommend the best system for your needs, provide complete installation and setup and service your system 24/7.

  • Milling Equipment

    Milling Equipment

    Need milling equipment for your feed mill or flour mill? Hershey Equipment can provide a full range of milling equipment for grain processing facilities including: Hammer mills, pellet mills, extruders, mixers, micro systems, batching systems, bagging systems, screeners, dust collection and more.

  • Poultry

  • Enrichable Cage System

    Enrichable Cage System

    The key to superior eggs is providing the best conditions for your hens. Our Eurovent, Enrichable and Enriched cage systems optimize bird health, efficiency and egg quality, while meeting UEP and USDA standards, as well as state regulations regarding housing. From a cage environment to a fully Enriched environment by the removal of partitions and addition of nest boxes, perches and scratching areas, as conditions and markets change.

  • Aviary Nesting Systems

    Aviary Nesting Systems

    Cage-free producers face unique challenges with bird management. Our tested, proven aviary nesting systems were specifically designed to give birds movement throughout the system, while providing them with areas for roosting, nesting, feeding and drinking. They are uniquely designed to assist producers in training their birds to utilize the system in order to enhance performance, reduce mortality and improve egg quality. And, of course, all of our...

  • Egg Packers Table

    Egg Packers Table

    Hershey Equipment offers a variety of egg handling solutions to meet the needs of farmers large and small. From table egg packers and tray stackers to pallet loaders and egg coders, our egg handling solutions are designed to reduce breakage and maximize egg yields. We also offer complete, computerized, turn-key systems to allow control of the entire egg packing process from one central location.

  • Micro Brewery Operations

  • Grain Storage Bins

    Grain Storage Bins

    Whether you need to store spent mash or bulk grain, we offer a variety of grain storage solutions perfectly suited to micro brewery operations including Meridian tanks that are designed to handle heavier loads, making them the perfect choice for wet storage.

Products by LUBING Systems, L.P.

  • Poultry Watering Systems

  • OptiGROW - Broilers Nipple Drinking System

    OptiGROW - Broilers Nipple Drinking System

    OptiGROW - The Ultimate Broiler Nipple Optimized for Growth. Lubing's all-new OptiGROW Nipple is proving grow-out after grow-out to be the ultimate broiler nipple. The results are speaking volumes! The OptiGROW Nipple is manufactured from specifically selected chemical resistant stainless steel and encapsulated in an enlarged engineered thermoplastic body. It was specifically engineered to optimize bird growth in today's...

  • Lubing - Breeder Pullet Drinking Systems

    Lubing - Breeder Pullet Drinking Systems

    Lubing's Breeder Pullet Drinking Systems offer the most effective and precise water delivery required to satisfy the needs of birds of all ages. The FeatherSoft nipple design incorporates cutting edge technology that is a result of more than 60 years of experience. FeatherSoft nipples offer precision movements that allow easy triggering from any angle for fast starts and optimum water flow at every age.

  • Lubing - Turkeys Nipple Drinking Systems

    Lubing - Turkeys Nipple Drinking Systems

    Lubing's newest innovation in drinking systems for turkeys reflects the pioneering spirit that lives within the organization. The all-new EasyLine drinker is the world's biggest breakthrough in turkey nipple drinking technology.

  • Lubing - Caged Pullet / Layers Nipple Watering Systems

    Lubing - Caged Pullet / Layers Nipple Watering Systems

    Lubing's nipple watering systems for Rearing Layer Pullets are essential for achieving optimum bird growth. The unique design of Lubing nipples offers the precise movement of the triggering pin that is critical during the first stages of a chick's life. The soft 360° triggering of young birds allows smaller volumes of water to be delivered while the more aggressive triggering of older birds allows larger volumes of water to be delivered.

  • Poultry Egg Conveying

  • Lubing - Curve Rod Conveyors

    Lubing - Curve Rod Conveyors

    Lubing Curve Rod Conveyors have established a strong position in the marketplace because of their exceptional quality, reliability, performance and trouble-free operation. The flexibility of its design allows this system to be adapted to nearly any imaginable configuration with curves, angles, heights and distances. Each system is engineered and custom designed to offer the best possible performance.

  • Lubing - Poultry Egg Belt Conveyor

    Lubing - Poultry Egg Belt Conveyor

    Lubing's newest addition to the egg conveying product line is the Belt Conveyor System. This system offers the strongest and thickest belt on the market and incorporates a self-adjusting pneumatic take-up. Its rugged design allows the system to achieve lengths up to 1,500 linear feet without any transfers and is highly efficient due to the helical-bevel gearbox and 7-1/2 horsepower motor. Belt widths of 18, 24, 36 and 48 inches are available with...

  • Lubing - Accumulator Tables

    Lubing - Accumulator Tables

    Lubing Accumulator Tables offer increased flexibility in directing eggs into the grading machines from rod conveyors, belt conveyors, dirty egg return conveyors, and eggs from offline loaders.

  • Bird Removal

  • Chick-Out - Bird Removal System

    Chick-Out - Bird Removal System

    Lubing's Chick-Out Bird Removal System simplifies the task of removing dead birds from your poultry building. Not only does this make heavy work easy but it helps promote a cleaner environment for your birds. The patent-pending Chick-Out system consists of a mechanized suspended oval chain track with hooks. Birds are easily hung by their feet and automatically removed at any desired location inside the building or discharged at the end of the building...