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  • Poultry

  • Cage-Free and Organic Market Egg Production

    Cage-Free and Organic Market Egg Production

    Cage-free producers face unique challenges with bird management. Our tested, proven aviary nesting systems were specifically designed to give birds movement throughout the system, while providing them with areas for roosting, nesting, feeding and drinking. They are uniquely designed to assist producers in training their birds to utilize the system in order to enhance performance, reduce mortality and improve egg quality. And, of course, all of our...

  • Pullet Production

    Pullet Production

    Our pullet rearing environments are designed to train birds to thrive in the system that they will be moved into upon reaching egg production maturity.

  • Embryo and Vaccine Egg Production

    Embryo and Vaccine Egg Production

    Hershey Equipment is a leader in designing systems for producers of embryo eggs to meet the exacting standards of pharmaceutical companies in production of flu vaccines. We create bird environments that emphasize poultry health, maximizing production and fertility while creating housing that protects safety and confidentiality. These same systems are designed for breeder-layer producers, so housing can be built for clients that provide embryo eggs to...

  • Grain

  • Grain Storage

    Grain Storage

    We work with GSI, a top-rated manufacturer in the grain industry, to provide top-quality grain storage systems for farms and industrial operations including: Grain bins, bulk feed tanks, grain bin floors, and more.

  • Drying & Conditioning

    Drying & Conditioning

    Maintain the quality of your grain with efficient grain drying and conditioning equipment from Hershey Equipment. From fans and heaters to portable units and modular tower dryers, we can recommend the best system for your needs, provide complete installation and setup and service your system 24/7.

  • Milling Equipment

    Milling Equipment

    Need milling equipment for your feed mill or flour mill? Hershey Equipment can provide a full range of milling equipment for grain processing facilities including: Hammer mills, pellet mills, extruders, mixers, micro systems, batching systems, bagging systems, screeners, dust collection and more.

  • Micro Brewery Operations

  • Grain Storage Bins

    Grain Storage Bins

    Whether you need to store spent mash or bulk grain, we offer a variety of grain storage solutions perfectly suited to micro brewery operations including Meridian tanks that are designed to handle heavier loads, making them the perfect choice for wet storage.