Since 1997 Herzog Forsttechnik AG produces its own forstry machines and upgrades them since 1992. The rage of products is big: From small accessories to big yarders.The enterprise Konrad form Austria completes our rage of products with skyline cranes, harvester heads, mountain harvesters and much more.Herzog Forsttechnik also cooperates with Wahlers Forsttechnik, the German agency of Ponsse. Herzog Forsttechnik AG markets forwarders, harvesters and more from Ponsse and make them, if requested, ready for steep slopes.We market many other products of different brands. You can find then in the category `Accessories`.

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Allmend 25 , Zumholz , 1719 Switzerland

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Agriculture - Forestry
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Internationally (various countries)

In the year 1992 Klaus decided to found his own company, the Herzog Forsttechnik AG based in Zumholz. His wife Irene and his father supported him. In the same year the first workshop was built and soon after, the first member of staff was employed.

In the beginning, the enterprise only did import, selling and service of forest machines. The rage of products consisted of skidding tractors of the brand LKT and processors of the brand STEYR.

Beside the occupation in selling and service, the enterprise carried out forest work in its first years with the same machines. This way important experiences could be gained.

Processors were total rarities at the time, only a few machines were in service. The characteristic of the STEYR processors was that they used a circular saw blade instead of a cain to cut the tree-trunks. The KP 50's blades had a diameter of more than 1,20 meters.

In the year 1993 Klaus met José Cardelle, the Spanish manufacturer of the forwarders with the brand FORCAR (Forcar= Forest-Cardelle), on a exhibition. A Cooperation was decided.

Parts for the FORCAR 'made in Switzerland' were bought form Spain and conversely new constructions went back to Spain. This way a fertile cooperation came into being and lasted for over 10 years.

From the year 1997 on the FORCAR from Herzog were produced 100% in Switzerland.

The last generation of FORCAR produced by Herzog were the FORCAR steep slope forwarders. The first steep slope forwarder was produced in the year 1999 and Klaus himself made a test drive of more than a week. The reason for these tests was that the invention needed to be examined of serviceableness. Nobody had ever produced such a technology before, that's the reason why it was uncertain if the technology would work.

The last FORCAR steep slope forwarder was delivered in 2008. Afterwards the enterprise decided to produce only winches and mount them en forwarders and harvester from other brands (see below).

Only a year after the decision of the first partnership a second partnership, with KONRAD FORSTTECHNIK from Preitenegg, Austria, was decided in 1994. Herzog Forsttechnik took over the import, and the sales of their products. The Woody processors and later the Woody harvester heads turned out to be a best-seller. More products were fallowing, the automotive skyline crane WOODLINER 2000, later the WL 3000, then the mountain harvester MOUNTY, skyline crane LIFTLINER and in the en the special harvester HIGHLANDER.

The successful cooperation with KONRAD FORSTTECHNIK GmbH, in combination with the own production let the enterprise Herzog grow to it's size of today with circa 15 staff members.

Since 2001 Herzog Forsttechnik produced a own product line of yarders. These machines are called GRIZZLY. The first model, the GRIZZLY 1000, had a rage of 1000m. The smaller pounder Grizzly 700 was the next model.

The most recent GRIZZLY product is the GRIZZLY 400 Yarder which was brought to the market in 2009. The combination of perfectionated tower yarder technology and the American idea to mount the yarder on a excavator results various advantages.

The enterprise used the Know-How around the FORCAR steep slope forwader to develop a ALPINE equipment for forwarders and harvester from PONSSE. This winch came into being with the cooperation with WAHLERS FORSTTECHNIK, the German agency of PONSSE. That's how the PONSSE Alpine machines, which were made suitable for steep sloped with winches, were invented.

The winches proved themselves in practical use and were finally mounted on machines of various brands. Nowadays more than 40 SYNCHROWICH winches from HERZOG are in use.