Our company has been serving West Michigan since 1968. Our employees are highly trained and certified service technicians with 80+ years of combined experience in the dairy farm milking equipment industry. We are proud to provide 24-hour emergency service on refrigeration and milking equipment. Hi-Tech Dairy Supply will provide your company with a complete dairy design and plan, as well as, scheduled maintenance programs, customized to each dairy’s specific needs. We also offer CIP wash system analyses and troubleshooting with full testing capabilities for chemical concentrations and equipment performance. We have got the services and equipment for your dairy’s success:

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9975 56th Ave , Allendale , Michigan 49401 USA

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Globally (various continents)
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  • Route supply service & supply
  • Robotic milking system design, installation, & service with world-wide farm
  • Service parts available for all brands of milking & cooling equipment
  • Calf milk pasteurizers & purifiers
  • Automatic cow brushes
  • Quality milk monitoring
  • Full milk & farm management project construction coordination services available.
  • Milk system design installation & service for any size dairy operation
  • Automatic calf feeders
  • Automatic feed pushers

Hi-Tech Dairy Supply is West Michigan’s leader in the service and installation of dairy farm milking and cooling equipment. We are proud to provide West Michigan farmers with the best in milking supplies, robotic milking parlors, calf feeders, feed pushers, rotary parlors, activity monitoring, bulk tanks and chillers. We believe no project is too big or too small!

  • 1969, Al ‘Bud’ Rosema started Rosema Dairy Equipment as a Surge dealer.
  • 1978, Lee Scholma partnered with Bud Rosema.
  • 1989, Bud and Lee expanded with the addition of Westfalia dairy equipment line.
  • 1993, Bud Rosema retired and Lee took over ownership.
  • 1994, Chad Scholma started working for Rosema Dairy Equipment, Inc and became partner in 2000.
  • 2000, Rosema Dairy Equipment changed its name to Hi-Tech Dairy Supply, Inc., and Westfalia and Surge merged.
  • 2005, Lee retired and Chad took over as owner/manager.
  • 2008, GEA incorporated WestfaliaSurge, Houle, and Norbco into GEA Farm Technologies.
  • 2008, Hi-Tech Dairy Supply, Inc. became a Lely dealer to help provide our customers with the latest technology available.
  • Hi-Tech Dairy Supply, Inc. is dedicated to serving the dairy industry in and around the milking center.
  • Our dairy hygiene specialists are available to analyze and improve your wash systems with water testing and a tri-scan analyzer.
  • Hi-Tech Dairy Supply, Inc. carries a full line of hygiene products and dairy farm supplies on our complete route program.
  • Hi-Tech Dairy Supply, Inc. offers full 24-hour emergency service on refrigeration and dairy equipment.
  • The scheduled service and milking analysis programs can be customized to specifically fit your dairy.
  • Our trained service technicians are able to analyze and improve your milking system with modern testing equipment and software.

As your WestfaliaSurge and Lely dealer, we welcome the chance to serve you as a new customer, and to our existing customers, we greatly value and sincerely thank you for your business.

Chad Scholma and the Hi-Tech Dairy Supply Staff