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Since 1969, the essential business activity of Hog Slat, Inc. has centered on the pork industry. Our founder, William T. `Billy` Herring, saw a need for concrete flooring panels based on his own needs as a pork producer on the Herring family farm. As founder and Chairman of Hog Slat, he oversaw the development of a company that became the worldwide leader in providing concrete slats, fabricated metal equipment and turnkey construction to the swine industry. Today, Hog Slat has expanded those capabilities to the poultry industry, and we support both our hog and poultry customer base with three major distribution centers and over sixty retail locations throughout the U.S. Our manufacturing presence has spread into South America and Eastern Europe, and we have developed new markets that are outside of our traditional, core agricultural market base for our concrete and metal products.

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400 Clinton St., Box 300 , Newton Grove , North Carolina 28366 USA

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Nationally (across the country)

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Hog Slat Inc. got its start in 1969, when Billy Herring was operating a farrow-to-finish farm near Newton Grove, NC, and couldn't find appropriate flooring for the nursery he wanted to build. So, relying on his ingenuity and experience, he constructed his own slats. Other producers noticed the quality of his product, called on him for help, and a small family business was born. Today, that business produces a full range of hog  and poultry farming equipment. Hog Slat’s corporate office is located in Newton Grove, NC, with regional offices in Iowa and Oklahoma. Our sister company, Georgia Poultry, is headquartered in Royston, GA, with additional offices located in Mississippi and southern Missouri.

Hog Slat, Inc. is a family-owned business engaged in many aspects of hog and poultry production. 

We are involved in :
     (1) turnkey construction of confinement type hog and poultry units,
     (2) the manufacture and distribution of hog and poultry equipment
     (3) the production of live hogs. 

Hog Slat, Inc. is the largest contractor and manufacturer of hog equipment in the United States with approximately 1,000 people directly employed and an additional 1,400 subcontractors working on the company's construction projects. Hog Slat / Georgia Poultry has constructed turnkey units for both family farms and large corporate farm units in the United States. Hog Slat / Georgia Poultry also sells equipment packages to customers who choose to construct their own facilities, both domestically and internationally.

Georgia Poultry Equipment Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hog Slat engaged in the distribution of poultry equipment in the southeastern United States. Started in Georgia in 2004 by the acquisition of several existing locations in the state, Georgia Poultry has quickly expanded to include a total of 24 sales locations not only in Georgia, but also in Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Missouri.