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Homburg Holland Stiens (Fr.) since 1961 importer of HARDI sprayers in the Netherlands. Over 50 years experience in spray technology, in addition to HARDI, resulted in the importership and representation of WeedSeeker and GreenSeeker. Trimble strong brands that also excel in precision applications in public parks and agriculture. Homburg is also an importer of the Swedish brand Väderstad, with its advanced and reliable tillage and sowing machines. In 2010, The Handler added to the product range means a bulk container with a lot of capacity. Since 1970, develops and builds Homburg Drain Cleaners in house. Homburg Drain Cleaners provide a sophisticated maintenance and optimum drainage. As a result, the working conditions during seedbed preparation, crop care and harvesting time favorable and crops grow better. Export place worldwide.

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It Noarderfjild 21 , BM Stiens , NL-9051 Netherlands

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Since 1961, Homburg Holland in Stiens (province of Friesland) has been the importer of HARDI field sprayers for the Netherlands. Many years of experience have turned Homburg into an absolute specialist in the field of spraying techniques. These techniques are aimed at precision farming, with the emphasis on minimising the use of agents. 'Exactly what you need', as the Homburg motto says.

More than 50 years of experience in spraying techniques has resulted in HARDI, as well as gaining the importing rights and the dealerships for WeedSeeker and GreenSeeker. Strong Trimble brands, which also excel in precision applications in parks and gardens, as well as in agriculture. Since 2010, The Handler has been part of the range of products: a high-capacity bulk container that allows the sprayer operator to fully concentrate on his spraying job, rather than on repeatedly refilling the machine.

From the 1970s, Homburg has been designing and building its own drain cleaners. Homburg drain cleaners provide a sophisticated maintenance and water disposal system. This is to create favourable working conditions during seedbed preparation, crop care and harvest time, while crops are growing better. Homburg Drain Cleaners are sold worldwide.

Hardi Academy

Homburg's range of products is setting the tone in the market through the application of high-tech spraying techniques, near sensing precision, and TwinForce air assistance. Thanks to the Hardi Academy, users are kept informed on the latest technological developments and are regularly trained for the best possible application in practice.