HOOD Equipment, Inc. specializes in manufacturing affordable and reliable loaders and slashers as well as customized products such as specialized grapples and material handlers. With over 35 years experience, you can trust in HOOD to build the best machine exactly to your specifications!

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In 1965. John Hood opened a logging equipment dealership in Iron River. WI. He sold Barko, Beloit and Allis Chambers Buckmaster loaders and was the top dealer in the Midwest. As he stumbled upon a supply of 50 saw set-ups, John had an idea to build a mobile slasher. The MOOD mobile slasher design proved to be a tremendous success as it is still used in many of our forestry solutions today.

Throughout the 1970s, John I lood paired his mobile slashers up with the larger equipment offered through his dealership. While this was a great success. John learned about some problems and design Haws in the equipment he was selling. Moping to help them improve their design. John approached the manufacturers of those loaders and requested longer booms and greater power. The general attitude was, 'if you know so much, build your own!'

And he did just that! John's vision was simple: provide a quality product tailored to the customer's needs while keeping the cost to a minimum. This vision is what drove IIOOD Equipment, Inc. to develop the line of products currently offered. In addition to the current product lineup, I IOOD constantly develops new products to satisfy the needs of its customers. The current new product outlook is promising: forwarders, rail breakers and a redesigned ''pull through' delimber are all in the design and manufacturing stages at I IOODs. The engineers and production team, with an average tenure of over 15 years, are hard at work to provide these cutting edge, top-quality products to you at minimum cost.

John I lood's vision and business philosophy have proven to be a testament to the 'American Dream.' I laving manufactured over 7000 machines at competitive prices and established an extensive world-wide dealership network, it is clear that John I lood's mission to improve the safety, comfort and durability of logging equipment has been critical to the evolution of the logging industry!