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Recently a farmer made us aware of a Horst wagon that he thought we may be interested in. The running gear was built in 1961. The paint was showing its age but the running gear was in fairly good condition. We acquired the wagon, brought it into the shop to be cleaned up and given a fresh coat of paint. Even for us it was humbling, to think that the wagons we are designing and building, could be in the field 50 years from now. That wagon helped remind us, who is using our products and the role we play in their lives. We took it to some trade shows, to show how proud we are as a company to have been behind farmers for over 50 years. Our commitment to history doesn’t mean we are stuck in the past. We continue to design, develop and upgrade our products and the technology that we use to build them. Our facilities are a mix of cutting edge technologies and time proven equipment. Quite simply put we use what works and what will continue to work for the people who use our products.

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Horst Loader Attachments R.R. #3 , Listowel , Ontario N4W 3G8 Canada

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