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  • Horst Wagons - Model 145 - Running Gear

    Horst Wagons - Model 145 - Running Gear

    Ideal hay wagon. Suitable for bale thrower racks, flat racks, medium size grain bins. Will also serve as a medium duty forage wagon. Heavy duty construction of the steering assembly provides trouble free service for many years. Improved version of latch and front clevis. Taper roller bearing tongue mount. Greasable automotive style ball joints.

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  • Horst Wagons - Model 2PH Dolly - Trailer

    Horst Wagons - Model 2PH Dolly - Trailer

    The new trailer Dolly from Horst provides a safe economical platform for transporting 2PH implements. Compatible with Category 2, 3N and 3 point hitches. Safety lock securely holds pins. 2' Receiver. Ball Hitch (2-5/16). 7 pin ag receptical for implement electrics. 7 pin RV style connector (connects to vehicle). Electric Brakes.235/85 R16 highway trailer tires. 16 x 8 x 6 Rim.

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  • Model NT 8000i - Loop Rate Control System

    Model NT 8000i - Loop Rate Control System

    The NT 8000i is a closed loop rate control system for hydraulically driven apron floor systems on manure spreaders that provides precision guidance and prescription based control of the spreading rate.  The unique feature of the NT 8000i is a weight based self-calibration and calibration-check system that continuously monitors and readjusts the calibration factor based on the actual weight of the material spread. The...

  • Model TST 7600 - Tracker

    Model TST 7600 - Tracker

    The TST 7600 is a full featured mixer scale indicator that allows producers to make adjustments scale side and records the data for use in TMR Tracker. “Feed managers are now able to look at a three-day feed history scale side with the TST 7600, enhancing their ability to quickly identify changes in consumption or dry matter,” says Sam Vorphal, farm products manager with Digi-Star. “With the TST 7600 feed managers can change dry...

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  • Model SW3300-16 - Load Cell Weigh Beam Pair

    Model SW3300-16 - Load Cell Weigh Beam Pair

    This stainless steel load cell design offers unique, useful weighing results- accurate weight readings on uneven surfaces. The electronic cable is protected with flexible stainless steel cable guard to resist cable injury due to animal biting or accidental pinching, prolonging cable life.  Place under individual animal crate or platform.  Perfect for producers, 4-H, and FFA clubs that may require weighing livestock in multiple locations.