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We`ve been in business since 1997. Our founder Jim Quinn has supplied the horticultural, forestry and agricultural markets with innovative products since 1979. We have been a leader in the natural plant health care market since the `Green Revolution` started. We are a family owned, small business that treats our employees like we do our customers - with honesty and integrity. We were the first company in the `Green Industry` to offer all of the ingredients in our products to our CUSTOMERS to customize their own `cocktails` for any specific needs. We continue to strive to earn our place with our CUSTOMERS; and are always mindful that the real measurement of how good we are to our customers is the impact that we have on their bottom line - and indeed our own bottom line.

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During the past 17 years our company has come a long way in accomplishing our goal to establish a national horticultural and agricultural resource for forward thinking professionals.

We were the first company in our industry to establish trading partners based upon trust and an eagerness to put the customer first by formulating high value-added products. For example, in the arbor market we were the first company to offer an injectable mycorrhizal inoculant containing a complete biostimulant package and beneficial bacteria package. We were the first company to offer an endomycorrhizal drench. Other so-called “experts” said it couldn’t be done - now they offer such a product. We were the first to include Trichoderma in nearly all of our formulations.

Soon we will be the first company in the “Green Industry” to offer all of the ingredients that we use in our products to enable our CUSTOMERS to customize their own “cocktails” to suit any specific needs that they may have. We are the first company in our industry to offer an “OPEN SYSTEMS” approach to satisfying you - OUR VALUED CUSTOMER. We believe that our CUSTOMERS are very smart and appreciate and understand that most new products and applications come from their inquisitive nature. All we have to do is listen and make their ideas a reality. Because of this honest approach to our customers our company has prospered. We continue to strive to earn our place to do good business with our CUSTOMERS and are always mindful that the real measurement of how good we are to our customers is the impact that we have on their bottom line - and indeed our own bottom line.

From the supply side our strategy is to seek out companies in our markets that have value-added technology and incorporate these technologies into a successful and profitable sales and marketing program that is anchored by direct contact with CUSTOMERS. Presently, the Company’s alliances with TRADING PARTNERS in these industries are creating truly unique products that combine numerous technologies into “you’ll see the difference” value-added products. By combining the brain trust of these various business alliances with the company’s past experience in these markets, adding value through direct contact with CUSTOMERS, continuous improvements to the product line and product knowledge, the company has emerged to provide a unique resource for single-product technology leaders.

Currently, single-product specialty companies have a tough time getting to customers. Typically these companies operated on low overall margins due to the fragmented nature of the industries, lack of vertical integration, and the high cost of properly marketing their product and being in touch with customers. Small companies cannot effectively grow their products because they lack the necessary resources to get their product in front of customers in the market. Advertising, tradeshow participation, and windshield time with distributor and dealer salespeople is their only true strategy but this is expensive and may be limited relative to available resources. Our strategy to establish a dedicated sales force in selected metro markets to be the local expert with the products that we represent in those markets. With a limited number of products we can guarantee our TRADING PARTNERS that their product/technology will per presented to customers in a professional, effective, manner and that the result will be new business that they otherwise would not enjoy. Further, with a local sales person in the market the maximum potential with customers will be assured with ongoing follow-up and service. We intend to acquire, consolidate and integrate the products/technologies of our TRADING PARTNERS, provide professional and effective marketing information and sales activities and support thereby providing necessary business activity to form long-term business partnerships with our TRADING PARTNERS.

A vertically integrated value-added company is required to efficiently deliver new technologies and serve the long-term needs of horticulturist, foresters, farmers and growers and investors alike. The premier, full service company we are building will help revolutionize the industry and achieve the economies of scale necessary to best serve all constituencies and provide growers and consumers with superior proprietary products more efficiently and cost effectively. We have shown that vertical integration of the industry through consolidation of marketing, sales, production and distribution also decrease the cost of goods for our TRADING PARTNERS and ourselves and better serves CUSTOMERS than the present fragmented industry.

We are always mindful that all energy comes from the CUSTOMER. The CUSTOMER is our “SUN”, and we never forget this. When problems arise we jump at the chance to show our CUSTOMERS how important that they are. We are always looking for ways to stand out in the CUSTOMERS mind as being fair, considerate and appreciative of their business. Give us a chance to “jump through hoops”. The old saying that “The Customer Is Always Right” still means something to Horticultural Alliance. We welcome the opportunity to show you how important you are to us.

Company manufactures DIEHARD™ brand of high quality organic amendments and soil conditioners including mycorrhizal fungus inoculants,Trichoderma, biostimulants, beneficial bacterial packages and gels for landscaping installations, maintenance and curative applications.  Our 100+ ingredient transplant amendment “jump-starts” dozens of these natural systems for both the plant and the ground getting the transplant off to an unprecedented start.  Company manufactures products for arbor, greenhouse, landscape, nursery, turf, and erosion control and is very active in private label marketing. In addition the company offers Horta-Sorb® brand of water absorbent polymers with over 30 years’ experience in the development of applications for these unique absorbents. Complete satisfaction with all products from this company is guaranteed.

Horticultural Alliance, Inc.’s philosophy is to market the best products possible for its markets, deal honestly and fairly with our customers by providing the best information and service possible to merit and earn their trust, and to deal fairly with our business associates.  We believe that the relationship that exists in the market today between the customer and the supplier has run afoul due to greed, mistrust, and short-sightedness.   We believe that the customer is interested in a true business partner and we intend to build such relationships.  We intend to create wealth for our customers and in turn value for ourselves.