There must be a way of offering the highest level of performance, long-life engineering and top ergonomic design for forestry management, was what the HSM company founders thought in 1967. They subsequently introduced the Timberjack to the German market and in 1978, their first own HSM hauler. `Forest management and forest technology combined` was the motto and the whole range of experience from its own private woodlands on difficult Keuper sites flowed into implementing the technology. The machinery requirements for the forest became reality using a drawing board and a workshop. 40 years have passed since the company was founded and the drawing board is now a thing of the past. But the original aim has remained the same: to offer the highest level of performance, long-life engineering and top ergonomic design for forestry management.

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Im Greut 10 , Neu-Kupfer , 74635 Germany

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Since 1995, the entire company is run by the new headquarters in Neu-Kupfer.

Due to the constant high number of orders and the ever decreasing space at the original headquarters site in Waldenburg, the move was an important step to further guarantee HSM's high quality to all customers.With an area of 6000m², there is plenty of room for business and sales managers, research and development, export, the second-hand machinery centre and the traditionally well stocked spare parts store on three floors. The technical support centre is also housed in Kupferzell and rapid assistance at a high level of expertise and professional knowledge is assured here by phone or in person.

Production in Wolfegg

Waldenburg and Neu Kupfer are where HSM's headquarters are located. However, production of special-purpose forestry machines from Hohenlohe is performed in Wolfegg. Whereas the first prototypes were built at the end of the 1970s in Hohenlohe, HSM joined forces in 1980 with a company called Adler in Wolfegg. But why do this when there are so many miles between the production centre and company headquarters?HSM found the ideal partner in Adler to implement the production requirements for forestry machinery. In addition to their own cable winch production, Adler was capable of realising high quality standards, mechanical engineering to industrial standards and strict adherence to delivery schedules. Traditionally, the Upper Swabian region has many small to medium sized companies that not only have profound expertise but also exceptionally well trained tradesmen.

These are the type of companies that are capable of reacting with extreme flexibility due to their level of specialisation which is not too deep. For the production of customer-specific special-purpose forestry machinery, this advantage is unbeatable and has lost none of its significance even today, despite a shift to modular series production.In 2005, production was transferred to our own company. Seasoned personnel and a track proven infrastructure guarantee high production quality as before. Today, HSM Wolfegg has 40 highly motivated and qualified co-workers, approx. 20,000m2 of factory space and the 'Süd-West' service centre. These are the best general conditions to produce forestry machinery for our customers 'from a single mould'.

Powerful and reliable

The HSM product range includes special forestry haulers, forwarders, harvesters and combination forestry machinery developed for forestry management. In this regard, HSM's long tradition obliges it to develop state-of-the-art forest technology for sustained protection of the forest floor and to maintain productivity in the woodlands. Manoeuvrability on skid trails is maintained by narrow bodied machines and wide tyres. This in turn supports forestry management economically and ecologically with lasting effect.Systematic further development of its products, ongoing research using the latest scientific knowledge and dependable customer orientation make HSM synonymous with high performance forestry machinery that protects the ground and the harvested product.All HSM machines always focus on the perfect combination of form and function in terms of optimal ergonomic user prompting. After all, the drivers spend many hours daily operating the machine. To ensure that the driver can concentrate and remain fully efficient, the workplace must be configured and adapted to the latest ergonomic findings. Outstanding all-round view, generous space, ergonomic control elements and easy (CMC) operation ensure comfortable, safe working and a pleasant working day.

Ergonomics and comfort – the basis of human accomplishment.
Quality in production is HSM's chief aim

Every machine is assembled by a group of fitters who are in turn responsible for product quality. To achieve additional security, every machine is subjected to a comprehensive final acceptance test by a high qualified member of staff from head office.

HSM has been a family business since its foundation

A generation change took place in the year 2000 when Prince Felix zu Hohenlohe-Waldenburg assumed management responsibility for the company. Since HSM started, the high quality standard, service and distinctive customer orientation are core elements of company philosophy.