The scientific research of humic acid and their usable properties has a long tradition in Germany, which began with the works of the chemist Franz Carl Achard (1753-1821). The commercial employment of brown coal containing humic acid e.g. as coloring material under the designation “Cologne brown” from Cologne lignite mining area and “Kassler brown” goes back to the 16th century in Germany. In the course of the last century the use of humic acid has been established in the agricultural, medical and environmental sector.

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Humintech is a German technology enterprise, based in Grevenbroich, which ties in with this longtime tradition. We are mining up to 70 million year old raw material. Germany is by far the worldwide leading producer of lignite with 176 million tons, followed by China with about 100 million tons and the USA with 75 million tons. Our experienced geologists select the mining areas of the wellknown outstanding German lignite sources with respect to a low pollutant content and a high oxidation degree, which are of crucial importance for the bioactivity of the raw material. Since the beginning of the 70’s former open cast lignite mining fields were recultivated in Germany. Since then we produce and develop humic acids based products for agriculture and other sectors. During production processes we pay particular attention to careful processing of the raw materials, in order to receive their bioactive structures. Our experience of many years and patented procedures are a guarantor for the unique quality of our products, which is confirmed again and again by our customers worldwide. Our products are exported in over 60 countries at retailers and formulators and we are ranked today among the leading producers and exporters of humic acids based products.