The premise to iBarn is simple. Barns are critical to the life of the farmer. Before the crack of dawn, the farmer makes his way to the barn - where most of his day is spent next to the livestock. Barns are especially important to livestock. In the barn, the farmer provides his livestock the optimal conditions for their welfare. Comfortable livestock are not only content, they are also more productive. A farmer is not only a professional in animal husbandry, but they are also business people. So it is also about a return on investment. Our barns are becoming more advanced each day. Technology is integrated throughout the facility. The goal of iBarn is to bring together an assimilation of products that are first of all: innovative. Not thick on technology, but rich in value. iBarn is really about a network of professionals who can best integrate these products into your barn.

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Nationally (across the country)